Thursday, May 19, 2011

Football Leadership

Football is the most popular sports game in Indonesia

Because of this, many politicians have made efforts to join the management of the Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), so that they can be popular and people want to elect them in the general election, or perhaps the President would want to pick them as Cabinet Minister or other governmental positions.

I believe that's the reason why so many people have nominated themselves as candidate Chairman of PSSI which will be elected during its congress in Jakarta this Friday and Saturday.

The most ambitious were Army Chief of Staff General George Toisutta and businessman Arifin Panigoro, that when their candidacies were rejected by the world football federation FIFA, they appealed with the Court of Sport Arbitration (CAS) tribunal in Switzerland. 

Their persistence has made the caretaker of PSSI i.e. General (Ret.) Agum Gumelar very angry and accused General Toisutta of using the military institution to force his way into the PSSI leadership.

Considering that the conflict in PSSI's leadership has been going on for too long, I hope that all the candidates would give priority to what is best for PSSI and the development of football in Indonesia

I also hope that General Toisutta and businessman Arifin Panigoro would let others who are more skilled in matters related to football to lead PSSI.


sawali tuhusetya said...

itulah keunikan negeri ini, mas harry. apa pun bisa kena limbah politik. sepakbola yang seharusnya steril dari intrik penyakit yang satu ini pun makin ndak jelas arahnya. gimana sepakbola negeri bisa maju kalau terus diobok-obok. doh!

I-one said...

i hope indonesian football as soon as best leader..

Wisata Murah said...

hehehe urusan juragan per-bolo-an tak reda juga diterjang isu gempa to..? memang pada bandel ye.

Multibrand said...

Anda benar Mas Sawali, kalau sepakbola kita mau maju seperti negara2 lain maka PSSI dipimpin orang2 yang profesional dan kerja
dan komitmen penuh pada sepak bola.

Yes, let us hope that Indonesian football will soon be lead by professional leaders.

@Wisata Murah,
Kalau yang memimpin hanya punya ambisi tapi tidak bisa bekerja dan komitmen sepenuhnya untuk sepakbola ya susah.

colson said...

An internal leadership brawl, a competing league and FIFA sanctions.

It's not polite to say, but in my opinion the national Indonesian Football Association is putting up a farcical performance. It's a mess, a farcical mess.

Multibrand said...

You are right, the Indonesian Football Association is putting up a farcical performance. It's a mess, a farcical mess.

r10 said...

kelompok 78 terbukti tidak berjiwa besar, mereka mementingkan kelompok mereka sendiri

Multibrand said...

Mereka hanya mementingkan pribadi dan kelompok masing2