Monday, May 9, 2011

About Justice

" Justice has been done! "  That's what U.S President Barack Obama told reporters after he announced that the world terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden has been killed by U.S naval Seals in Pakistan last Monday.

By saying those words, he made it sound as if the killing was legitimate based on the verdict of the court of law, while actually it was based on executive order to avenge the death of thousands of U.S citizens killed by the suicide bombings of the World Trade Center, New York, on 11 September 2001, allegedly instructed by Osama.

The above words reminds me of the lyrics of a song of one of my most favorite rock band YES i.e. Hold On, as follows : 

Justice to the left of you 
Justice to the right
Speak when you are spoken to
Don't pretend you're right
Life is not for living
It's for fighting and for war
No matter what the truth is
Hold on to what is yours

Jigsaw puzzle traitors
Set to spill the beans
Constitution screw up
Shattering the dreams
Blood flow in the dessert
Dark citadels burning too
Watch! Look over your shoulder
This one is strictly for you

Hold on, hold on


~~kimz~~ said...

tahnks for the comments.. i have already follow ur blog. nice entry..

Multibrand said...

Thank you for your comment and for following my blog.

isnuansa said...

Kadang kok ada timbul keraguan juga ya, soal meninggalnya Osama ini...

colson said...

He who sows storm will reap a hurricane. So I think Osama got what he deserved.

Yet, you are absolutely right. It wasn't justice. It was Wild West - 21st century style.

alamendah said...

(Maaf) izin mengamankan KELIMAX dulu. Boleh, kan?!
Kek Mbak Isnu terkadang saya juga ragu

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

i was speechless if i read those lyrics and thinking about Osama's Death

Teras Info said...

Honestly, I am still in doubt, what terrorists really big fish like bin Laden could be killed just like that ....

NgeBook said...

Tentang keadilan...
Apa bnar Osama ini udah tewas,..??

Multibrand said...

Tidak adanya foto mayatnya dan penguburan dilaut, serta berita simpang siur tentang keadaan Osama sebelum mati, menimbulkan keraguan.
Baru jelas setelah tes DNA dan pengakuan kelompoknya.

I agree with you.

Silakan pak.
Berita2 yang agak simpang siur menyebabkan keraguan.

Well, that why I have quoted the lyrics.

@Teras Info,
Many people share your doubt.But now it is already clear after the DNA test and his organization's acknowledgment.

Setelah tes DNA dan pengakuan dari kelompoknya maka bisa dibilang benar.

W i e d e s i g n a r c h said...

wow...... this entry was so fun, really....
tumben sekali aku melihat ada lirik di sini ^_^

But I do love it... and sure, if only I know how to sing it ^_^

hello sir Nizam... it's glad to see you and greet you again ^_^

Multibrand said...

Hi Wied / Wiedesignarch,
I am very glad to see you again here.
Itu lirik lagu 'Hold On' dari band progressive rock YES. Can be downloaded easily from Youtube.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

jangan2 obama juga suka band ini pak :D

attayaya-mading said...

gatau mana yang sebenarnya teroris? ntah osama, ntah obama.

Multibrand said...

Karena dia dan isterinya Lawyer, bisa jadi dia juga penggemar Yes.

Tergantung dari sisi mana kita melihatnya.
Kalau berdasarkan pandangan masyarakat internasional maka
Osama yang jahat.

ibucketbot said...

What amazes me the most is not even showing proof that he is dead! Normally we do see proof and confirmation that a high target is killed but for Laden, this is not the case! fishy indeed!!

Multibrand said...

Many people shared your doubt.

r10 said...

keadilan itu bila osama ditangkap dan diadili, bukan malah ditembak mati dalam keadaan tak bersenjata

Sandee said...

You must remember that this is an election year for Obama. He's got to look like he's capable of anything. I do agree that justice isn't an appropriate term.

Have a terrific day and thanks for your visit. :)

Multibrand said...

Itu yang banyak dipertanyakan banyak orang.

Yes you are right, Obama really needs the publicity.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Iran claimed he died of an illness - it would have to be a mental illness.

Multibrand said...

Everyone tend to see things based on their own subjective perception.