Wednesday, May 4, 2011

13 more Indonesians held by Somali Pirates

Last Sunday, 20 Indonesians and 11 foreign crews of Indonesian flag ship MV Sinar Kudus were released by Somali pirates who held them as hostages since 16 March 2011.

Kompas reported that the release was made after PT. Samudera Indonesia as owner of the ship paid a ransom demanded by those pirates, which according  to the pirates amounts to US$ 4.5 Million.

Actually, the government had decided to combine two options in efforts to free the ship crews i.e. negotiations and military operations. For which purpose three ships, one aircraft, one helicopter and special commando unit have been sent to the Somali sea to carry out the mission.

Last Saturday, 13 Indonesians together with 12 other ship crews of a Singapore flag ship MT Gemini were hijacked by Somali pirates at the Somali sea.

In reaction to this new piracy, the Commander in Chief of the Indonesian Armed Forces Admiral Agus Suhartono said that Indonesia will coordinate with Singapore to secure the release of 13 Indonesian sailors.

Considering that 13 of the 25 crews of the Singapore ship are Indonesians, it would be very interesting to know whether or not this time our government (and Singapore) would choose to give in to the pirates' demand, or take military action instead.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Good news. Its about time some serious action was taken against these pirates.

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r10 said...

nasib mereka dalam bahaya krn TNI menyerang para pembajak MV Sinar Kudus, pembajak bisa balas dendam

Multibrand said...

Good news? if you are referring to the release of the 20 Indonesians, I can agree.
But our military force only do their part, killed 4 of the pirates, after the money has been paid and hostages released.

Thank you for your information.

saya setuju bahwa tindakan TNI membunuh 4 dari pembajak dapat membahayakan nasib 13 sandera yang baru.

kamal hayat said...

kita doakan baik-baik saja laa...

Multibrand said...

kamal Hayat,
Semoga mereka baik2 saja.

Munir ardi said...

Pirates in somalia I think there are big power behind them , their weapon in very futuristik

colson said...

Try fighting the pirates by military force is hardly a option. The US failed, Europe and NATO don't even think of trying, so, with all due respect, some individual country can't do it on it's own. Negotiations and ransom money will once again be the only way to get the sailors ( and the ships)free.

Prevention could be improved.

For instance by deploying much more warships - from all by all seafaring nations. And putting under one command to achieve coordinated action. It's xxpensive, very expensive and next to impossible because I can't imagine Chinese ships under NATO command or the other way round.

Another possibility might be to have sufficient military men on board of all merchant ships that sail in the area - these professionals can fight off any attack by pirates. This is a solution which is being considered over here.

Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont said...

It's a dangerous coast. There really needs to be more in the way of combined international naval operations. I can understand people feeling concrned about the victims of piracy though I think it a gross error to pay ramsoms.

Multibrand said...

@Munir Ardi,
The pirates are using sophisticated weapons because they have lots of money from ransoms paid by victims.
But I am not sure that there is a government that backed them.

Yes until now almost impossible for individual countries to us military action against those pirates.
There should be a join operation among countries that sent warships to the Somali seas and work under one coordination command. The number of ships and surveillance and combat aircraft should be added too.
Sending well trained and armed military men on board each trading ship could be an option.

Yes there should be a joint international cooperation to eliminate those pirates.