Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Democrat Party and Nazaruddin

The ruling Democrat Party last night announced the dismissal of Muhammad Nazaruddin from his position as the party's Treasurer.

The party's senior official Amir Syamsuddin told the media that the decision was made in response to the growing rumors in society about Nazaruddin's involvement in several criminal allegations including an attempt to bribe the Secretary General of the Constitutional Court and receiving bribe from the contractor of the South East Asia Games 2011 Athletes Complex in Palembang, South Sumatera.  

He said that the allegations against Nazaruddin have grown so wide and might have great impact on the party as well as Nazaruddin himself. The dismissal would avoid the party from bad publicity related to this case, and would enable Nazaruddin to concentrate on defending himself against those allegations.

The party will leave it all to the law enforcement agencies to process this case, but request that any legal actions should be based on the principle of presumption of innocence.

In spite of the above, Nazarrudin shall maintain his status as a member of the House of Representatives.

Considering that until his dismissal last night Nazaruddin was the Treasurer of the Democrat Party whose duties includes getting, maintaining and spending money for and on behalf of the party, therefore it would not be easy to prove that he is the only one responsible for all the bad things alleged against him


triesti said...

I'm not sure if it was a good tactic to let him hold the office at DPR, it would be perceived as not upholding anti corruption on its own people.
Then again, if PD fired him, he might 'open' his mouth, and god knows how damaging that would be.

colson said...

Riddles: (1) Claiming we should stick to the good principle of presumption of innocence, but at the same time firing him as the party's treasurer. (2) Fire your high profiled treasurer to protect the party's reputation and keep him on as high profiled MP for the same party?

Logic and politics - not going on well together obviously.

Multibrand said...


Some top officials of PD may be implicated, that's why it took them some time to dismiss Nazaruddin and kept him as MP.
Note: the Chief of MK Mahfud on Nov 2010 wrote a letter about this case to SBY, but was not replied.
Lately Nazaruddin and PD officials denied, so Mahfud bring the matter to SBY.


I agree that logics and politics are not going on well, especially when top officials of the ruling party is involved.

gurusatap said...

wah. pake bahasa jerman. yo saya gak bisa koment toh yo...

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

honestly, i dont understand about the case..T_T

Wisata Murah said...

yap ..kalau memang rumor itu benar. keputusan yang diambil senior partai Amir Syamsuddin itu sangat tepat.
information is very good sob

Aulawi Ahmad said...

hmm I think, all that just scenario like usually happent, although that case is true , I'm sure he will still exist :)

Multibrand said...

Saya akan menghargai komentar dalam bahasa kita sendiri.

It is okay, this case is too complicated, like any other political cases.

@Wisata Murah,
Mari kita menunggu perkembangan selanjutnya.

@Aulawi Ahmad,
People tend to be very skeptical about politicians.

r10 said...

gemas saya Nazaruddin melarikan diri, dan ragu dia mau kembali ke tanah air

Multibrand said...

Peristiuwas tentang Nazaruddin memang sangat menggemaskan.

mkudusamrullah said...

Nazarrudin? politic? and Internal Affairs of Party, ( I think they are just making more dizzy the head of Indonesian people... hungry, poor no future ones...huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Multibrand said...

Let us hope that politicians would behave according to the people's expectations