Saturday, May 14, 2011

Celebration of Israeli Independence

A group of people who called themselves the Indonesian Jewish Society, last week announced their plan to celebrate the independence of Israel on 14 May.

This plan is very controversial because the majority people in Indonesia who are Moslems regard Israel as an enemy.  They believed that the land where the state of Israel now is located actually belongs to the Palestine.
For this reason, Palestine and other Arab countries i.e Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan have fought wars against Israel since it declared independence on 14 May 1948.

Various Moslem organizations in Indonesia, including political parties, have frequently show their supports to the Palestinian cause i.e. by holding protests demonstrations in various parts of Indonesia.

Moreover, the Indonesian government does not recognize Israel until now, however it maintained diplomatic relationship with Palestine.

As a logical consequence, many people in Indonesia protested against the above celebration plan, and the Police refused to issue a permit.

Considering the above reasons, I felt that the plan to celebrate Israel's independence day was just a sensational effort by its organizer to get popularity.


wisata murah said...

they only attract attention, to see the public reaction

Yari NK said...

Yes I agree that the group of people just wants to attract attention from the media. They are not even Jewish nor Israelis. They are just a bunch of Indonesian Christian philosemites who dislike Muslims to some degree.

Such celebration is otiose because we are Indonesians and we in no case are related to Israel. Of course it is a similar case if Indonesian Muslims celebrate the independence of Saudi Arabia, the Palestine, etc.

However, it is wise for the police to issue a permit for the celebration and it is wise for us, Muslims, not to run amok and not to be angered by the celebration. Let's show the world that Indonesia has begun embracing true democracy by permitting all celebrations of all political preferences no matter how silly it is.

colson said...

Though I don't think it's sensible "Real-politik", nor generally wise, to diplomatically ignore the existence of a state, I nevertheless can understand to a limited extent Indonesia's position on an emotional level.

But I don't understand in what way the Indonesian Jewish Society's initiative can be considered to have been a means "to get popularity". Who are the people among whom their popularity would have increased with this dissenting and controversial action?

Fahrizi Noer Fajar Azman said...

Untuk apa merayakan kemerdekaan israel?

menurut saya tak ada guna nya.
Hah... kapan ya indonesia tak ada masalah?
perasaan kok indonesia selalu saja ada masalah. hahahaha

ayel bertuah said...

met malam, kunjungan dimalam hari ketempat sahabat... moga sukses selalu.

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Yes I agree with you. Maybe they want to become public figures.

The Police said that they did not give permit because the request for permit was submitted only few days before the event.
This imply that permit can be given if they requested earlier. i
I have heard friends celebrating Jewish special days and I say that's okay.
But to celebrate other country's independence is weird.

For me and others in Indonesia celebrating other country's celebration day is weird. It is not like celebrating religious day. if they want to celebrate it by themselves it's okay, but if they publicly announce it, then it would be different.
Especially that anti-Israel sentiments here is so great. Such celebration would cause resistance.
We already have more than enough violence here.

Dengan penduduk 240 juta terdiri dari banyak suku, agama, dengan penghasilan yang berbeda pasti akan timbul masalah.
Yang penting penanganan masalah harus sesuai hukum dan aturan yang berlaku, dilandasi prinsip kedudukan yang sama dan praduga tak bersalah.

@Ayal Bertuah,
Senang sekali berjumpa dengan anda lagi. Terima kasih. Semoga anda selalu sukses.

WebbieLady said...

When it comes to politics, there's always an unending discussion. The Israel case is so deep that it's difficult to really determine who has the right over what because outside forces are also butting in as well.... It's so difficult to have world peace...sigh...

Webbielady's Places

Multibrand said...

Hi Webbylady,
I agree with you that the Israeli case is so complicated that it is now not easy to determine who really own the land, especially foreign powers are involved.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

The Jews claim Israel by ancient degree. If the Muslims of the middle east would stop trying to kill Jews, it might be possible to discuss the formation of a real Palestinian homeland.

After all the rhetoric is trotted out by Israel's enemies, I say to people that after you have had 6 million of your people murdered by the Nazis in the 1940's, you are going to be pretty defensive about things.

That said, the Palestinians do deserve their own state, but it won't be Israel.

Multibrand said...

I believe that Israel and Palestine have rights on their lands. It has been agreed that Palestine got the West Bank and Gaza Strip. There must be more talks between them as well as Egyot, Syrya, Jordan to find a win-win solution.