Thursday, May 12, 2011

The Trisakti Tragedy - 12 May 1998

Thirteen years ago, 12 May 1998, four students of the Trisakti University, Jakarta, were shot to death while they were demonstrating against the 32-years old authoritarian government of President Soeharto.

Until this moment the death of those students i.e Elang Mulia Lesmana, Heri Hertanto, Hafidin Royan, dan Hendriawan Sie is still a mystery, no thorough investigation has made on the shootings. 

However, the facts at the scene of Crime show that they were shot in vital parts of their bodies i.e. either in the head, or neck or chest. Which means that the shooting was done Snipers i.e. specially skilled persons who were well trained and armed to shoot from long distance.

Considering that civilians who own firearms in Indonesia are very strictly limited, I believe that only certain people has Sniper Skill in Indonesia. But this does not necessarily mean that the shooting was done by Indonesians, there is also a possibility that it was done by foreigners hired by some people here.

Considering that witnesses to the Trisakti Tragedy are getting old, some have even died, I hope that there will be an open and thorough investigation to reveal this tragedy in the near future. Otherwise it would always be a mystery.


Wisata Murah said...

iya tu sob. masalah itu kok terus nguap ya...

#akirnya bisa masuk ke accont melalui blog sahabat lain

igjepara said...

aku gag tau banyak soal tragedy trisakti soalnya pada waktu itu aku mash kecil gag tau apa2. trims gan wat info,y

colson said...

Sad story. It's worrying people, especially the next of kin of the casualties, are still kept in the dark.

Now since I know next to nothing about this drama, some questions came to my mind.

I wonder is the Trisakti drama in any way connected to the Semanggi incidents? Isn't Prabowo's name mentioned in connection to the killings? And is there any information available on what foreigners (CIA?) might have been involved in the shooting?

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

An assassination type killing?

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

this post really make me flashback. so sad though. i wonder if my son shot using sniper and i dunno the killer.. T_T

DS. Utomo said...

By the way, we used to be easy to forget but not to revenge. Thanks for your help and advice !

attayaya-mading said...

begitu misteriusnya peristiwa ini
mpe ga tau mana jalan untuk mendapatkan keadilan

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Selama tidak diadakan penyeldikan yang tuntas maka masalahnya tetap ada.
Saya juga sempat mengalami kesulitan akses ke blog ini.

Tragedi ini merupakan salah satu bagian terhitam dalam kehidupan bangsa kita.

In the Trisakti incident May'98 student demanded Soeharto's resignation.
While in the Semanggi incident on Nov '98 students demanded military withdrawal from politics.
There was no direct connection between both case.
As long as no thorough investigation is carried out, this case will always be mysterious and people would only talk about rumors.

Yeah you can say that.

Let us hope that the would be a thorough investigation to reveal the mystery.

Indonesia is a legal state every thing should be based on laws. Violations should be tried in the court of law.

Iya, karena itu harus ada jalan keluarnya : penyelidikan menyeluruh
dan terbuka.

Joyo Plencing said...

Hi ..aku gak komen kok cm ijin pgn ngucapin salam kenal ya..salam dari blogger jogja..buat temen2 yg mbaca ini,salam kenal jg ya..salingberkunjung yuk,klo berkunjung pasti aku buatkan kopi wes,gmn..?ditunggu ya..

sawali tuhusetya said...

sungguh menyedihkan. entah bagaimana pertanggungjawaban para petinggi negeri ini. kasus trisakti hingga saat ini tetap menyisakan sejumlah misteri. siapa sesungguhnya dalang di balik tragedi itu, mas mas harry.

Terrans said...

Justice to be served accordingly!


colson said...

Sad, but fascinating information. Since I didn't know about the Trisakti drama I wonder whether there is any connection with the Semanggi casualties? Wasn't Prabowo suspected of having been involved.

The possibilty of hires (foreign) killers ( snipers) is chilling. Why would the masterminds would have needed foreigners? And who would they have been (CIA?).

(By the way: strange day. Could not reach the comments all day. And now some comments seem to have disappeared. )

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

sekarang pemuda ga cuma harus kritis dan jadi tukang protes. tapi juga mampu memberikan kontribusi nyata dan positif

Multibrand said...

Very sad that this bloody killing has never been investigated seriously.
This incident was a reaction to the
students demand for Soeharto's resignation from power, by his supporters.

There in no direct connection with the Semanggi incident (Nov '98) in which students demanded military withdrawal from politics.

I am not sure whether the CIA want to maintain Soeharto and military power.

Saya sependapat dengan anda.

r10 said...

peristiwa semacam ini sengaja dikubur, dibiarkan berlarut-larut, guna melindungi para pejabat