Monday, May 23, 2011

The Two Years Forest Moratorium

President SBY last Thursday signed a Presidential decree No. 10/2011, authorizing a two year moratorium on new logging concession, under a billion dollar concession with Norway.

This decree is an implementation of an agreement signed by Indonesia and Norway on May last year, in which Indonesia promised to carry out a moratorium (halt) on the cutting of forest and peatlands for two years in exchange for $1 billion in funding from Norway, under a UN-backed scheme designed to pay developing countries to preserve forests.

However, this moratorium is only for new forest licenses, and will exempt permits already given in principle by the Forestry Ministry and extensions of existing permits, as well as projects to develop supplies of energy, rice and sugar.

This decree was welcomed by the Norwegian government who said that the moratorium is one important step forward for Indonesia
But it was protested by the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) who felt that the decree would restrict business activities.

While green activists said the moratorium would only be applicable to 64 million hectares of the country’s 132 million hectare forest coverage.

In spite of the pro and contra, I hope that the Indonesian government would carry out the moratorium i.e stop cutting forests and peatlands in the next two year as it promised


I-one said...

i hope life in indonesian can more better..

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Thats interesting, Harry. Hope it works to slow things down.


sawali tuhusetya said...

mas harry, apa pun kebijakan yang diambil presiden sby sbg RI I, idealnya rakyat harus dinomorsatukan. jangan sampai terjadi kebijakan moratorium hanya menguntungkan pihak asing

colson said...

Reading this news I start on my mantras:

"Half a loaf is better than no bread,better some of a pudding than none of a pie" etc, etc

Multibrand said...

Let us hope everything will be fine.

Yes this is interesting indeed.

Saya setuju, apapun yang dilakukan oleh pemerintah harus menomor satukan kepentingan rakyat kita.

The present forest moratorium is a a positive first step.
Something is better than nothing.

ibucketbot said...
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ibucketbot said...

"But it was protested by the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (Gapki) who felt that the decree would restrict business activities.
this just shows that they are all hungry for money, well of course money is everything. Who cares about mother nature (being sarcastic)
I hope that more decrees like this will come forward to make your country a peaceful place to live in!

Wisata Murah said...

sebaiknya untuk moratorium ini pemerintah memang harus memenuhi janji. belajar consistent tidak ada buruknya.hehe

Anonymous said...

Semoga berpihak pada rakyat negeri ini. Lama gak BW nih Pak :)

Multibrand said...

More forest moratorium would surely save the forest and creatures living inside.

@Wisata Murah,
Apalagi kita akan dibayar US$ 1 M kalau menepati janji tsb.

Mudah2an mudah2an demikian adanya.
Senang membaca komentar anda lagi.