Monday, May 2, 2011

National Education Day 2011

Indonesia has been commemorating 2 May as its National Education Day since 1908, and every time I would always think about the quality of education in our country.

Around 30 years ago, higher education fees were not so expensive. First class state universities/institutes like University of Indonesia (U.I) and Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) only charged entrance fees of not more that a few millions of Rupiah, compared today which can be as high as 75-100 Million Rupiah or even more. 

I am not sure whether the quality of education at that time was a lot much lower than it is today, but I know for sure that at that time we were able to sent lecturers, medical doctors and engineers to Malaysia and Middle East countries.

Whereas today we only sent lesser skilled labors to work as house maids, constructions and plantations workers abroad.

So, is the quality of our education today higher that before ?


colson said...

Perhaps this national Education Day will prove to be a turning point. In Indonesia that is.

It may be comforting (?) to know there are striking similarities over here. Lack of professional standing of teachers in elementary schools as well as lecturers at Universities, diminishing accessibility for talents from all layers of the population to higher education and sharply increasing costs of education and growing dependence of schools and especially Universities on sponsorships by huge companies and banks at the cost of academic independence..

Multibrand said...

Hi Colson,

Surprisingly similar.

I read a tweet from fellow blogger saying that he took his post graduate degree in India at the cost of USD 700/year (around 6.3 mio). For local citizens it is lower.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

It is obvious your standards are rising, and that is good for your country,

r10 said...

saya baru ingat sekarang hari pendidikan 2 mei

Boku no Blog said...

Mari kita tingkatkan Belajar demi kecerdasan kita dan Bangsa

Multibrand said...

I wish that it is like you said.

Sebagai blogger kita saling mengingatkan.

@Boku No blog,
Mari kita belajar terus.

Furree Katt said...

Pakistan doesn't have a National Education Day! if it does, then i don't know of it. :O i think it's a good idea.
and by your post it is evident that the quality of education certainly is improving in Indonesia, which is really great!

Multibrand said...

Hi Furree Katt,
Thank you for your positive attitude on the development of our education

pri crimbun said...

selamat hari pendidikan...:) (ane telat bro)

Multibrand said...

Pri Crimbun,
Hari Pendidikan Nasional kan berlaku satu tahun sekali, jadi anda tidak terlambat.

sologake said...

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Anonymous said...

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kuntsh said...

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H. Nizam said...

Thank you for coming from Bangladesh.
I really appreciate your comment.

@Anonymous = Marcus,
Thank you for your visit and comment.
I'll check your site.

Thank you for your visit and comment.

mensajes claro said...

I am agree with @colson.