Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jail Remission for Corruptors

The celebration of independence day has made a bunch of jailed corruptors very happy because they received remission i.e prison term discount, some were even release from jail..

According to Media Indonesia, 427 jailed Corruptors received remission, 19 of them were released from jail,  including former President Director of the Logistics Board (Bulog) Widjanarko Puspoyo, and former President Director of Bank Mandiri ECW Neloe.

The Jakarta Globe reported that Muhammad Misbakhun, lawmaker and member of the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) was also released from prison earlier today after receiving a two month remission.
The Court sentenced him to one year in jail for falsifying documents to get a US$ 22.5 Million loan from the troubled Bank Century. This sentence is very low compared to the 8 years demanded by the Prosecutor.

The above very low jail sentence, remission and the release of corruptors before they finish their jail sentence  would make us doubt the seriousness of the fight against Corruption
I wonder whether ordinary people can also be released from jail like those Corruptors.


Aulawi Ahmad said...

I agree with U,maybe that is the true meaning of independent hehehe

Multibrand said...

Yes, independence for those corruptors.

Wisata Murah said...

interesting questions

If there were a mother who steals in the supermarket to eat well on release. That's real justice

colson said...

Very striking leniency.

Lady Justice is blindfolded. She doesn't discriminate. It means Justice shall be done irrespective of rank and only taking facts and actions into account.

But if people of her own class, those people who make the law, people who she by definition relates to, are standing before her, Lady Justice obviously is tempted to slightly bend the rules.

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Justice should be applicable to everyone, rich and poor, powerful and weak, politician and common man.

It seems that lady justice has taken off the piece of cloth that closed her eyes.

Umihoney said...

Assalamualaikum Harry,

I feel the same way as Wisata Murah. The people who commits crime out of poverty are different from the rich who cheated and steal to be richer.

Anyways do pop over to my blog Harry coz I have a surprise for you.

Have a baraqah Friday my dear

Multibrand said...

The symbol of justice is a statue of lady justice blind folded carrying a sword and a scale. This means that she must act fairly on anyone.
That's how the court of law should be under any circumstances.

fahrizi said...

aneh nya kasus korupsi di indonesia engga pernah selesai... bahkan banyak yang belum beres...

Forbidden Fruit said...

I didn't know that Pakistanis and Indonesians celebrate independence in the same week!
The news bit that you shared seems a bit strange though.. I mean releasing prisoners. i hope they'd officially completed their term.

Muhammad-Dadan said...

Indonesia is amusing country. Bung Karno Said," Don't ever forget history." But he smashed the house of proclamation. Indonesia must led by Good system, not god person.

Multibrand said...

Mudah2an keadaan akan membaik dimasa yang akan datang.

@Forbidden Fruit,
Oooh I just know that Pakistan is celebrating independence at the same week.
The prison remission is based on our laws.

@Muhammad Dadan,
The system is okay only the leaders are not okay.

sawali tuhusetya said...

mas harry, kalau remisi diberikan kepada koruptor, kapan muncul efek jera? makin meragukan pemberantasan korupsi di negeri ini kalau perbuatan melanggar hukum yang menyengsarakan banyak rakyat diberikan jalan kebebasan.

Multibrand said...

Disitulah jawaban kenapa pelaku kejahatan dikita tidak kapok Mas Sawali.

smp 3 lembang said...

mungkin karena maling kecil dan kriminil kecil nggak kenal orang-orang penting pak, sedangkan para koruptor kan orang besar semua jadi ya gampang dapat remisi

attayaya-gajah said...

perlu direvisi undang-undang ttg remisi bagi koruptor neh.
tidak ada menunjukkan rasa keadilan.
aku mau mosting ini juga, cuma blom siap2, masih draft terus

Multibrand said...

Mungkin itu jawabannya ya bang.

Setuju! Memang perlu revisi ketentuan tentang remisi paling tidak perlu dibatasi, koruptor dan teroris dan penjahat narkoba tidak boleh diberi remisi.

r10 said...

saya sangat kecewa, dgn remisi yg diberikan kepada koruptor, mereka sudah dihukum ringan, dgn remisi semakin cepat keluar dari penjara :(

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

pro kontra akan hal ini kenceng banget ya.. saya sendiri remisi bisa diberikan asal selama di masa hukuman sebelumnya mendapat perlakuan yg adil..bukannya diistimewakan..

Ria Tumimomor said...

unfortunately people who steal (or being accused of stealing) something to prevent them from hunger doesn't entitle to receive remission

Vainit said...

Kapan ya indonesia bisa tegas kepada Koruptor??? sudah ga tegas malah dikasih kemudahan. tanya kenapa???

Jolly Princess said...

Your lawmakers must have special reasons for the remission, Harry. They will be answerable to the people of Indonesia if ever there was misjudgement.

Multibrand said...

Remisi tsb memang mengecewakan banyak orang.

Remisi boleh saja tapi untuk kejahatan yang tidak berat.

Yes remission should be based on acceptable and justifiable reasons.

Mudah2an akan ada perbaikan.

Glad to see you again.
The problem is that the remission is given to those who are proven guilty of serious crimes.