Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Return of Nazaruddin

After almost 40 hours flight from Bogota, Colombia, the Gulfstream Jet landed at the Halim Military airbase in East Jakarta at 7.15 pm last night, bringing home the former Treasurer General of the ruling Democrat Party Muhammad Nazaruddin.

Nazaruddin stepped down from the 4 Billion Rupiah chartered jet plane wearing a bullet proof vest, hand cuffed and heavily guarded by the Police, and taken directly to the headquarters of the Mobile Brigade of the National Police in Depok, West Java for identity checking..

More than an hour later, he was taken to the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) at South Jakarta that will investigate allegations against him, especially about his involvement in the misused of fund for the development of an athlete housing in Palembang, South Sumatera.

Later, KPK Chief Busyro Muqodas gave a press conference, during which Nazaruddin's black handbag, sealed by Colombia Police, was opened. The bag contain US$ 20,000, wallet, 3 mobile phones, USB.

After that, all those things were put inside the hand bag again, re-sealed, and kept by the KPK as evidence. Busyro promised that the investigations will be carried out transparently.

Before midnight, Nazaruddin was returned to the Mobile Brigade headquarters where he will be detained.

Many people are happy with the law enforcement's success in bringing back Nazaruddin, because it would enable him to prove whether or not his allegations were true.

However, some people were not happy, such as Nazaruddin's lawyer OC Kaligis who alleged that the Indonesian government has obstructed Nazruddin's efforts to get an asylum in Colombia, and did not allow him to accompany Nazaruddin on the flight to Jakarta

He also said that this case would not be investigated properly by the KPK because two of its officials were alleged by Nazaruddin of being involved in corruption cases. Moreover they doubt that President the Democrat Party would allow Nazaruddin to be investigated transparently.

I believed that the success of our government and law enforcement agency to coordinate with Interpol and the Colombian government to bring back Nazaruddin is the best thing for Indonesia, because it would enable them to investigate all the allegations that he has made against others, as well as the allegations made against him.

Any efforts to obstruct the return of Nazaruddin to Indonesia, such as trying to arrange asylum for him would be against the interest of the people and the state of Indonesia.


Wisata Murah said...

You preach the clear chronology Nasarudin

hopefully be resolved by the authorities with transparent and clear manner

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
I am only making a recap on what has been reported by the mass media.
Let us hope that the investigation would be transparent.

triesti said...

there's something fishy about the whole thing in Colombia. my question is: who was/is nazaruddin lawyer? OCK said he wasnt allowed to be in the same plane, which is very odd. OCK hasnt been allowed to see Nazar ever since he's back in Indonesia. Dont tell me Nazar has no lawyer with him.

Multibrand said...


OC Kaligis is Nazaruddin's lawyer. He said on MetroTV that the Colombian govt did not allow him to get on board Nazaruddin's plane.
Actually our authority should allow him to accompany Nazaruddin.
He was in Bogota when Nazaruddin was arrested by the Colombian police.
When Nazaruddin arrived in Jakarta his lawyer (OCK's staff) has met him.

colson said...

A man who allegedly embezzled a lot of taxpayer's money for personal or political gain, flees the country,accuses his political friends of also being involved in embezzlement, get caught at the other end of the world and a posse - taking care to keep him alive- flies him handcuffed home where he will be tried and in his turn give evidence..

This is already the synopsis of a thriller. I wonder whether some director is preparing the film which doubtlessly will be a smashing success at the box-office..

smp 3 lembang said...

40 hours that's too stranger with the jet plane from Kolombia to Indonesia just need 18 hours even they must transit 4 hour in a country just 22 hours.

sawali tuhusetya said...

meski nazarudin sudah kembali, pertanyaan yang masih tersisa, kok sampai demikian besar biaya yang digunakan utk menjemput kepulangannya? dengar2, tuh, si oc kaligis juga ndak boleh bertemu dg si nazar. ada apa sebenarnya, mas harry?

Multibrand said...

I also realize that there might be some sort of a scenario, especially that his lawyer was not allowed to accompany him during 40 hours flight home.
For that he (via his lawyer) can take legal action against the law enforcer by filing pre-trial action (pra-peradilan).
Anyway, rather than listening and seeing Nazaruddin beating the bush out there it would be better if he can reveal what he wants to say here.

The flight is suppose to be around 36 hours but the plane was forced to stop in Conggo because of flight permit.

Pertanyaan anda banyak diajukan oleh orang2 seperti diberitakan di mas media Mas Sawali.
Kalau Nazaruddin keberatan dia bisa ajukan pra peradilan via pengacaranya.

r10 said...

saatnya kebenaran diungkap, jangan kasus ini berhenti di nazarudin, atasannya juga harus bertanggung jawab

Multibrand said...

Setuju, semua pihak yang terkait harus diselidiki.

Tip Trik Computer said...

Nazaruddin dah kembali ya

Wind said...

Thank you for all this informations!
Take care!
My best regards from Romania!

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

episode sinetron sesion baru..hahaha

Multibrand said...

@Tip Trik Computer,
Akhirnya dia bisa dikembalikan lagi.

I am glad to see you back, thank you.

Iya seperti kisah sinetron.

attayaya-puisi said...

ini memang bener2 udin sedunia
140 negara tau udin sedang dicari2
semoga kebenaran diutamakan

Multibrand said...

Iya semoga kebenaran ditegakkan setegak-tegaknya.