Saturday, August 6, 2011

Reporters are banned from Prisons

Like news reporters in any liberal democratic countries, reporters in Indonesia are very ambitious in getting news to be published in the mass media.

Among their most favorite news sources are people who have been sentenced to Prisons by the Court of Law. But from now on, they cannot do that again, because according to The Jakarta Globe the Law and Human Rights Ministry has issued a decree that bans reporters from entering Prisons.

The Minister of Law and Human Rights Patrialis Akbar was quoted as saying that the reason was because constant presence of reporters in prisons could be "disturbing to the officials' activities within the prisons".
He added that news related to a case which involved an inmate had the potential to hamper investigation of the case.

I hope that the would be restricted to only visiting and interviewing inmates, but not prison wardens and officials who have often been reported of abusing the authorities such as allowing inmates to go outside the prisons like in the Gayus case, and illegal drugs trafficking inside the prisons.


Wisata Murah said...

kadang kadang wartawan memang suka usil. tapi kalau tidak usil terus yang ngusilin (monitor)siapa dunk.. hehe bingung juga ya kite

smp 3 lembang said...

kenapa ya wartawan dibatasi mengambil berita di dalam penjara berarti kebebasan PErs sudah terbatas

colson said...

Every time Patrialis Akbar is mentioned I'm suspicious :). He usually is a beacon of wrong decisions. But this time he seemingly has a point:generally speaking conmen should be in prison, journalists outside. Only on extraordinary occasions and after official and special permits have been obtained, interviews with inmates should be possible.

WebbieLady said...

Very interesting... i can only imagine what those officials are doing that the media might disturm them!

WebbieLady said...

To be fair, sometime media also stir unnecessary things just to have human-interest stories which is not fair to the public.

WebbieLady said...

I added your blog tomy list of blogs i follow. I would like to thank you for leaving some opinion in one of my many active blogs. I appreciate it and always make sure we all give and take...:=)


Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Maksudnya jangan wawancara Napi samapi membuatnya seolah2 pahlawan.

Napi itu statusnya terhukum karena perbuatannya yang ebrtentangan dengan hukum, kalau dia bebas diwawancarai berarti hukumannya dikurangi.

Yes this time the Minister have made his point. Let's hope there would not be anymore interview of terrorist convicts.

You've made a point there : what were the prisons officials been doing that the media might disturb them.
I am always happy with your visis and good comments. I always follow back and pay return visits to my blog.
PS: I have followed your blog on Google Friend Connect. Let's keep in touch.

WebbieLady said...

Hi there Multibrand... where this name came from by the way?

I did the same to your blog plus a feed to warn me with a new post. :=)

Thanks for the ad and happy blogging!