Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How did Nazaruddin get to Colombia?

Former General Treasurer of the ruling Democrat Party i.e. M. Nazaruddin (here), wanted by the Police and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), was arrested by the Police on Sunday in Cartagena, Colombia.

Republika quoted the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security Djoko Suyanto as saying that he received the news from the Indonesian Ambassador to Colombia i.e. Michael Manufandu who said that Nazaruddin was holding a passport under the name of M. Syahruddin.when he was arrested.

And in order to make sure that the man is Nazaruddin, members of the Police and the KPK shall be send to Colombia immediately..

President SBY, Chairman of the Democrat Party Consultative Council, was happy when he told reporters (here) about the arrest of Nazaruddin earlier this evening. He said that he wants Nazruddin protected and allowed to say anything he wants to say.

I am very happy that our law enforcement agencies have successfully coordinated with the Interpol and the Colombian Police for the arrest of Nazaruddin.

However, considering that our government has canceled Nazaruddin's passport more than one month ago while he was assumed to be staying in Singapore or Cambodia, how did he get the false passport under the name of M. Syahruddin ?

Who helped him get the said false passport and arranged the travel to Columbia ?
Why did he choose Colombia which is known to be a haven for illegal drug dealers ?
Is Nazaruddin connected to international drug dealer syndicate ?

These questions became relevant if we think of the fact that Nazaruddin  (33) was very rich when he was the General Treasurer of the Democrat Party that he contributed Billions of Rupiah of money for the party.  
I hope that the Police and the KPK would investigate about this matter thoroughly so that my questions would be answered.


Umihoney said...

Assalamualaikum Harry,
And the plot thickens. Hopefully he will be safe and sound to face trial and unravel the mystery. Probably make some people nervous by now.

Take care and thank you for sharing

colson said...

I don't know if Nazaruddins case is a drama, a tragedy or comedy. For the moment I prefer a light verse interpretation of the facts ;-P.

Perhaps he just went there as a tourist and lover of graphic art only to visit Fernando Botero's museum in Medellin. Or because he is sincerely interested in real Spanish colonial architecture and therefore was heading for the old town of Santa Cruz ;-P.

Or, wow, he may secretly be a communist and intended to join the Colombian rebels of the FARC! :3

sawali tuhusetya said...

mas harry, harus diakui, nazarudin termasuk tokoh yang paling dicari belakangan ini. namun, sungguh menyentakkan juga kalau alumni partai demokrat itu dikabarkan tertangkap di columbia.

Mr Nyariadi said...

many people still don't believe, the case of Nazarudiin full of drama

Multibrand said...

Walaikum sama, Umi,
Many people have been nervous since he talked bad things about them.
Hopefully he can prove his allegations otherwise he would face greater troubles ahead.

There several versions about his motive in Columbia. Kompas wrote on its headline that he is planning to buy a jet plane there.
There is possibility that he part of the Medelin syndicate.
He join the Columbian communists?
Ha ha ha .....

Mudah2an kasusnya diperiksa oleh KPK supaya tuntas.

@Mr Nyariadi,
Let us wait until he is brought back to Indonesia.

Super Coppa Italia 2011 said...

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Super Coppa Italia 2011 said...

He is use false paspor, he is not gentle man, hohohoho...

UNEJ said...

great post guys, nice article and update news...
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Pusat Sepatu Futsal said...

I hope he gets retribution because he had damaged the image of Indonesia and its political party

SHUDAI AJLANI (dot) COM said...

Wah ini beritanya tadi pagi nih rameh banget tentang Nazarudin B)

Multibrand said...

@Super Copa Italia,
Yes he is not good man.

@Pusat Sepatu Futsal,
Yes, let us hope so.

Berita ini memang sedang hangat.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Good question. Just wait and see !

smp 3 lembang said...

Saya harap ini menjadi titk awal pengungkapan semua misteri yang selama ini berada di sekitar PD apa benar ternjadi atau hanya nyanyian Nazaruddin saja

rougerdeluffy said...

saya udah follow balik dan terima kasih atas kunjungganya ke blog saya, ekarang saya mengajak anda untuk tukeran banner apa anda berminat

triesti said...

Here's a thought, If I'm not mistaken, we need visa to colombia. it means he had that passport before leaving Jakarta to get the visa. Why bother going to colombia.. peru doesnt required us to have a visa. he couldve slipped in and out there..

I have a question: how come it is SOOOOO easy getting NAzaruddin and SOOOOOOO difficult getting Nunun?

Multibrand said...

Yes pak, let's wait and see.

Mari kita tunggu hasil penyidikan penegak hukum.

Terima kasih, yang jadi masalah saya tidak punya banner.

I didn't know that we don't need visa to go to Peru.
Re: Nunun
Many people are asking the sama question. Maybe because her husband is the ex Chief of Police who is now member of parliament representing PKS member of the ruling coalition.

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

Coba klo duitnya yg milyaran itu dipake buat kasih makan fakir miskin di bulan puasa ini, Allah akan mengampuni dosa2nya

Wisata Murah said...

semoga ada titik terang.dan menepis fitnah (praduga)yang santer bergulir akhir akhir ini.

News Car said...

wkwkw nazarudin lagi.. ndak bener ntu orang..

joe said...

setelah dia tertangkap pasti akan banyak yang deg-degan nih

Multibrand said...

Iya seharusnya uangnya dipakai untuk kepentingan rakyat.

@Wisata Murah,
Mudah2an tertangkapnya orang ini akan membeberkan fakta-fakta yang ada.

@News Car,
Dia memang tidak benar.

Sepertinya demikian adanya.

Multibrand said...

Welcome back, thank you.

r10 said...

kpk harus berani untuk mengusut kasus korupsi diatas nazaruddin

biar publik tahu dana partai dmokrat dari mana saja

blogger said...

Akankah Nazrudin Bebas seprti Lainnya ?
Orang-orang seperti ini baiknya gak usah diproses hukum, hanya akan membuat linkaran setan yang semakin sulit diungkap. Santet santet dan santet itu yang setimpal untuk orang-orang semacam ini