Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jakarta Temporarily Quiet

From 27 August until 4 September most of the 9.5 million citizens of  Jakarta spend their Eid/Lebaran holidays, around half of them left the city and celebrate in their hometowns.

This exodus will bring some good effects to citizens who stay in Jakarta i.e. the city would become more quiet, almost no traffic jam, and have cleaner environment..

Beside the good things that I mentioned above, citizens who stayed in the city will face some awkward things i.e. they have to do all the works at home because most of their maids a.k.a domestic helpers, left for their hometown for one to two weeks.
Substitute maids are available for temporary hire at the cost ranging from Rp 100.000 to Rp 175.000 per day (minimum 14 days).

Moreover, people's tradition to visit elder members of their family during Eid would make their homes and surroundings empty and unguarded, making them easy prey for thieves to take advantage of the situation.

What I usually do is that whenever I hire a substitute maid I would report to the security guards in my
neighborhood and ask one of the guards to keep an eye on my home.
In this case I would give him tips, and also make sure that I would not leave my home for a very long time..


Wisata Murah said...

seharusnya siskampling digalakan oleh petugas RT dan RW. karena memang seperti tradisi. bulan bulan seperti lebaran ini .banyak rumah yang jadi sasaran.....

semoga rumah dan lingkungan anda aman selalu.

happy blogging

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Saya setuju kalau siskamling diadakan lagi untuk event2 tertentu.

colson said...

Are there any problems to be solved because many households are without a nanny and a maid at present?

Does lifelong experience qualify me (us) as consultant(s)? :).

Multibrand said...

Actually there should not be any big problems cause by the absence of maid, nannies, drivers during the Eid festive.
The problem is perhaps because many (OR most) of us have been spoiled by their presence, that we are now too dependent on them.