Sunday, August 7, 2011

The First Week of Ramadhan

Today is the 7th. Day in the month of Ramadhan, and thank God I have no problem whatsoever with Fasting, especially when it comes to not Eating and Drinking from Dawn to Dusk.

However, as I have mentioned on my earlier post regarding the same topic, Fasting during Ramadhan is not only about not Eating and Drinking during daylight, but also  Thinking, Feeling and Doing Bad Things which includes the control of emotion, temper, words, desire etc.

Frankly speaking, at this stage I have not been 100% successful, perhaps only 75%, in my efforts to stop the non Eating and Drinking activities mentioned above, also the evening Ramadhan prayer which we called Tarawih in Indonesian.

There were several reasons for all that, such as too may works to do at the office, very ugly traffic condition especially in the afternoons whereby most people are trying to get home at almost the same time so that they can break the Fasting with their loved ones at home. There were times when those things almost tempted me to curse. Deep inside I must to admit that all those things were not excuse for me. 

And then there were also the joint Fast breaking with colleagues at the office, and with friends, during which our discussions can go almost anywhere..

But I am glad that I still have 3 more weeks to improve myself during Ramdhan.

Have a great weekend with your loved ones.


Linda said...

I don't know if I could make it all day without eating, but it sounds like a good way to increase your patience.

Multibrand said...

Yes Fasting is not just a religious activity but also for general things in life like increasing patience.

WebbieLady said...

That's funny! You actually wrote, "Thank God" and I had to smile... I am not into religions but you don't say, "Thank Allah" or something?

I think the practices in each religion is beautiful and if we all can respect what those are, and their deeper meanings, then we can create a happier more harmonious world.

WebbieLady said...

Achieving 75% only is not bad... that shows you're human, and we all have shortcomings. Good luck with the rest of the period and achieving your goals during this season.


WebbieLady said...

By the way, thanks for leaving some ideas in my latest post. I have replied to yours and Ratty's comments.

Thanks also for following my profile at Google Friend COnnect. I noticed in my feed you have fresh post,it's really cool to see who's updated who and just go there and check their updates. Isn't that cool?

WebbieLady said...

Just followed you tooin gfc... obviously, Webbielady's number 1887...

Anonymous said...


My computer is having problem so I am using BB phone now.

Thank you for following back on GFC really means a lot to me.
You are right that 75% is high, esp for me who has not been religiously devoted.

r10 said...

untuk menahan lapar/haus saya bisa, paling sulit adalah mengontrol amarah, apalagi bila ditengah kemacetan jalan

Umihoney said...

Assalamualaikum Harry,

What is most important is sincerity.Allah most merciful knows you are trying your best.A step at a time.For you Harry I leave you with these:

Allah says, "Ta Ha. We did not send down the Qur'an to you to make you miserable," (20:1)

and the Almighty says, "Allah desires ease for you; He does not desire difficulty for you." (W2:184; H2:185)

'A'isha reported that that once the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, came when a woman was with her. He asked, "Who is this?" She replied, "So-and-so," and told him about the amount she prayed. He said, "Stop! You must only do what you are able. By Allah, Allah does not grow weary [of giving rewards] as you grow weary, and the deen He likes best is the one in which there is constancy." [Agreed upon]

What that mean is do as you are able even if its not much but constant and daily. Don't do so much and excessive until you are weary and then stop coz you become burnt out.

May Allah bless you with wisdom and hidayah.Amin

Take care my dear friend


colson said...

@Harry: First of all your non-food 75% is pretty admirable in my opinion. I wish you success in your efforts to even improve on that. However all of the people I admire, love and care for are less than perfect :).

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

Have a great success in Fasting. May Allah bless you with "hidayah". Amin...

attayaya-puasa said...

sama seperti tahun2 sebelumnya
minggu pertama ramadhan :
berat badan turun 2 kilo

smp 3 lembang said...

ya menahan amarah dan hawa nafsu sesungguhnya adalah perang terberat

Multibrand said...

Rupanya kelemahan kita sama ya.

Alaikum salam my dear friend Umi.
Thank you very much for informing
me about the Verse from Al Qur'an it really means a lot to me as always.
Please let me quote your words :
"Don't do so much and excessive until you are weary and then stop coz you become burnt out".

75% the maximum based on my own selfish (subjective) prediction.
Others may predict 50% to 60%, ha ha ha ....
But it's really the first time in my life.

Thanks a lot Pak Utomo, may Allah bless you with hidayah too.

Tadi saya menimbang berat badan turun 2 kg juga sih. Mudah2an timbangan saya benar.

Sama bang, amarah dan hawa nafsu juga lawan terberat saya.

Wisata Murah said...

pengalaman sekaligus pengakuan dan syiar yang semoga di rahmati.
pendek tapi sangat mengena. terima kasih sudah berbagi pada sahabat diluar sana,tentang memaknai puasa dan hakekatnya.. barokallah

Multibrand said...

@Wisata Murah,
Di bulan yang penuh berkah ini kesempatan bagi kita untuk berbuat baik, termasuk memberi gambaran kepada orang asing bahwa ibadah yang kita lakukan adalah sesuai dengan kehidupan manusia.

Vigil said...

I don't know what's high or not but as long as one does his/her best, I think that's it....? Or not?

WebbieLady said...

In that case, congratulations. Good luck to this year too... If you cannot make it that perfect, well, just do your best.


Multibrand said...

One of the purpose of Fasting during Ramadhan is to enable Moslems to do his/her best to control themselves.

Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it.