Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Threat to Raise Malaysian Flag

Villagers in the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan were very disappointed at  the government that they threatened to raise Malaysian flag during the celebration of  Independence Day on 17 August 2011.

MetroTV quoted a village chief as saying that there is hardly any development of public facilities on the area, the roads have been damaged for many years. They also complained at the economic inequality.

He further said the Malaysian government have been providing them with clean water facilities for many years.

I hope that the government of West Kalimantan Province and the Central government in Jakarta would take this matter very seriously and take immediate actions to continuously provide everything needed by the villagers i.e good roads, transportation, clean water, electricity, telephone, etc. at affordable prices.


Ria Tumimomor said...

People located far away from Java or central are there to be forgotten or being used only :(

Multibrand said...

Yes, it is very sad.
The government should pay more attention to people living the borders with foreign countries,
give them subsidy.

colson said...

Those villagers obviously have bad luck living at the periphery of the empire but they can be happy with this chief who knows how to mobilize publicity for their cause.

r10 said...

pelajaran bagi SBY untuk tidak mengabaikan pembangunan di daerah terpncil

AC MILAN said...

Ini adalah PR bagi NKRI, pemerintah harus cepat tanggap akan hal ini, karena dampaknya akan besar trhadap NKRI sendiri. Membalas chatt anda di blog saya : silahkan agan comment diblog saya comment formnya sdh sy betulkan. thanks.

Setyo-Utomo Said said...

The same problems usually appear at the borders of the states.

BaliMoz said...

Yess we have to rise our own flag...but wht they get is they feel not Indonesia Independence...

The centralize development in Indonesia...remain poor society in other part of Indonesia...

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

pas mau ke web ini saya kira bakal ngebahas udin yang baru ketangkep.. hihi

kapan ya masalah ama Malay usai.. hadeeh

Multibrand said...

You are right the village chief sure know how to mobilize publicity for their cause.

Pemerintah tidak boleh melupakan daerah perbatasan negara.

@AC Milan,
Anda benar.
Saya akan berkunjung kembali.

Yes pak you are right.

The villagers are frustrated.

Yang jadi masalah disini pemerintah kita yang tidak memperhatikan rakyat didaerah perbatasan.

triesti said...

at least it makes you look, right?

Multibrand said...

Yes you are right.

sawali tuhusetya said...

kalau ancaman itu terbukti, ini sebuah peringatan serius buat pemerintah yang kini tengah berkuasa agar tidak mengabaikan masalah inftrastruktur di daerah perbatasan. apalagi malaysia seringkali dengan sengaja atau tidak sering melakukan provokasi.

Multibrand said...

Rakyat didaerah perbatasan harus diberi perlakuan khusus agar mereka hidup berkecukupan untuk keluarganya

Umihoney said...

Assalamualaikum Harry,

The demands for utilities is legitimate enough though the threat may be due to frustration.

It is a good thing that as neighbours we are helping no?

I don't understand why that is not seen in a good light here.Sad isn't it.

Selamat berpuasa my dear and may Allah's blessings be upon us all for at the end of the day when we are called upon to face judgement we will be just his servants with no special treatment whether we are Malaysian or Indonesian.
Take care.

WebbieLady said...

Although i always tell do your part of the game when people keep on complaining about the government, i have to say that infrastructure such as bridges, roads, water pipes, electricity, etc should come from the government.... i have the same longings for my dear Philippines.

Explorations, etc said...

Hopefully this comment from the village chief would serve as an eye opener that one's people can't just be taken for granted... just remembered when they have to ask for votes!!!!!

smp3lembang said...

ini efek jika pemerataan pembangunan tidak terjadi semua terpusat di Jawa, ini mirip dengan Rakyat Papua

Multibrand said...

Wualaikum salam.
I fully agree when come to the final day of judgement we will be the same no matter what our nationality.
What I am trying to point out here is that a government have the obligations to develop every part of the country, so that the life of people can improve.
Government officials should be responsible if they failed to do that.

As citizens we have a duty to remind the government about their obligations.

The village chief has made us, esp government officials, know about their cause.

Mudah2an dimasa depan pembangunan akan lebih merata agar Indonesia tetap bersatu dan lebih damai.

djikstra said...

saya mengelus dada sajalah,,
saya heran dengan pemerintahan yang sebenarnya mensejahterakan rakyat miskin, tetapi kenyataan apa coba, bisa ditebak Lah<<<

Multibrand said...

itu adalah salah satu permasalahan yang ada dinegara kita.