Thursday, August 4, 2011

Political Parties and Leaders

According to the laws in Indonesia, national and regional elections can only be participated by candidates who are supported by political parties, thus political parties played a dominant role in Indonesian politics.

Considering this fact, political parties can be regarded as the recruiters and incubators of political leaders in Indonesia

In this regards, I would like to quote an article that I read on The Jakarta Globe below. Happy reading

Indonesia's Parties Fail to Incubate Leaders
John McBeth - Straits Times Indonesia | July 12, 2011

The saddest thing about the implosion of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's scandal-ravaged Democrat Party is the way it has seriously damaged two of its youngest leaders - chairman Anas Urbaningrum and Sports Minister Andi Mallarangeng.

For them, there may be no way back.

Urbaningrum, a 42-year-old East Java political science graduate is unique. In a country where 54 percent of the population is under 30 and new-generation figures are paradoxically in short supply, he is the youngest politician to have headed a major political party.

By crushing Mallarangeng, Yudhoyono's preferred candidate, in a head-to-head vote last year, the party-savvy Urbaningrum offered at least a glimmer of hope that Indonesia's political guard may be changing as the country enters a second decade of democratic rule.

But only a glimmer. Unless someone appears out of the woodwork in the coming year, the field for the 2014 presidential race is likely to be filled by many of the same familiar faces.

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r10 said...

saya ga mau pilih demokrat pemilu besok, sejauh blm ada kandidat yang pantas untuk jadi presiden

Multibrand said...

Mudah2an di pemilu 2014 akan timbul tokoh2 baru yang lebih baik.

colson said...

A depressing article. But I'm afraid it may hot the nail on it's head.

It would be a major disappointment if a younger generation couldn't take over in the next presidential and general elections indeed.

On the other hand I understand there are rumours about Sri Mulyani ( who is not that young btw)and the SRI Party and Joko Widodo ( who is fifty y.o now) could be another clean and able candidate in '14.

Mr Nyariadi said...

What solusion for it's problem
We are hope the Nation to ground up not problem up.

see u

smp 3 lembang said...

2014 three years from now I hope there is a good Person will appear

Multibrand said...
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Multibrand said...

Sri Mulyani has been alleged by the parliament that she has been responsible in the mysterious bail out of 6,7 Trillion state money to bank Century.
The KPK must investigate this allegation and clear her name, otherwise Sri Mulyani would face big difficulties.
While Joke Widodo (Mayor of Solo) is member of the opposition PDIP which plan to nominate Megawati again.
He has to go to the national arena first before he can get support to challenge Megawati.

@Mr Nyariadi,
As citizens we can only hope that there will be good leaders in the future.

Yes we all hope that we will have good leaders in the future.

triesti said...

on PDIP: the grass root only care about soekarno's blood, not the capability of that person.. The top mostly cares about money.. so I dont think joko widodo will have much support in the party official.. but he would have more chance in winning than Puan based on capability though.

Multibrand said...

Yes I agree that Joko Widodo is a much better (and tested) politician compared to Puan. Therefore he can be more popular in the national front.

Umihoney said...

Hi Harry,
"The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials" - Chinese proverb

That's why new blood need to be involved and not hindered.

Thanks for sharing Harry