Sunday, June 19, 2011

Saudi Arabia Beheads an Indonesian Worker

The authoritarian regime of Saudi Arabia has carried out a death execution on an Indonesian female worker namely Ruyati on Saturday in the country's western Province of Mecca.

The execution was carried out by using a barbaric middle-age-method i.e cutting-off the head of Ruyati with a sword.

The SPA news agency quoted an official of the Saudi Interior Ministry as saying that Ruyati was found guilty of murdering Khairiya binti Hamid Mijid by hitting her in the head with a meat chopper and stabbing her in the neck.

A spokesman of the Indonesian Foreign Ministry i.e. Michael Tene criticized that the execution was done  without observing international practices related to consular protection. He said that the Ministry was aware of the case and Ruyati has confessed to the murder, but was not informed of the timing of the execution.

Meanwhile, according to his spokesman, President SBY expressed his condolence over the death of Ruyati.

I would like to expressed my deepest sympathy and condolence on the death of Ruyati. I hope that her family would be given the strength to live without her.

I also hope that our government would show much stronger reaction toward the Saudi government and try its very best to stop more beheading of our workers in the future.

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colson said...

I totally agree with you.

"Confession" has no meaning in those circumstances. "Murder" should be put in the context of the treatment of Indonesian maids generally experience. And punishments should be in accordance with human rights.

However this is a disgusting regime,a desert culture, suffering from an arrogant attitude towards women, a contemptuous attitude towards minorities and a cruelly outdated justice system.

The country's population deserves much better - a touch of the Arab spring for instance.

Governments of all civilized countries should condemn loud and clear this execution and put political pressure on Saudi Arabia to modernize .

(Unfortunately all will keep silent: Saudi Arabia controls the ( oil) lifeline of the capitalist countries and the spiritual lifeline of Islam countries).

attayaya-bladeless said...

Hukum Saudi yang tak bisa ditembus oleh diplomat Indonesia

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

ironi ya dibanding omongan pak beye pas ILO.. ckckck paradoks banget

triesti said...

I dont think Saudis listen to Indonesian because they are accustomed to treat Indonesian as their 'slave' instead of their equal. I hope Indonesian stop seeing Saudis as the chosen tribe that cant do no wrong.

smp3lembang said...

RIP to Ruyati, dimana langit dipijak disitu bumi dijunjung Saudi Arabia melakukan ini kepada semua tanpa terkecuali

Multibrand said...

I always believe that the people of Saudi Arabia is no different from those in Yemen, Egypt, Syria and other Middle East countries that are very sick and tired of their oppressive authoritarian regimes.
Therefore the Saudi regime is just waiting for their turn to be toppled.

Untuk saat ini memang demikian, tapi keadaan di Saudi bisa saja berubah seperti di Mesir, Yemen dll.

Memang sangat ironis.

I agree with you. We should shop treating Arabs, including those in Indonesia, as if they are people of high quality which they are not!

Salahnya adalah pada pemerintah kita yang membolehkan pengiriman TKW ke Saudi. Pada kita semua tahu bahwa seudah banyak TKW kita yang diperlakukan tidak adil disana.

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

however, the qishas law shouldn't be applied to the citizen outside saudi arabia. i read about so many sources info due to how the qishas law can be applied.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I come from a country that has not had capital punishment for over 50 years and must criticise the grisly execution of an Indonesian national in Saudi Arabia. The practices of many Arab society leave a lot to be desired in any case.

Multibrand said...

I agree with you, Qishas Law mut not be applied to non Arabs.

The Saudi laws can only be understood by their people.

Kue Kering said...

I sad to know the life story of this TKI, being abuse, raped, even killed. Just to have a decent life for them and their family

Multibrand said...

@Kue Kering,
Yes it is very what happened to our workers in Saudi Arabia.

Nice Veloso said...

Hello friend I'm lack feeling her visit on my blog. Have a wonderful week!

Multibrand said...

@Nice Veloso,
Thank you for your comment.
Glad to see you back.