Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Barbie Doll Helped the destruction of Indonesian Forest

Environment organization Greenpeace announced on Wednesday that the famous Barbie doll has helped the destruction of rain forests in Indonesia as habitat of endangered species like the Sumatera Tigers.

Greenpeace said that the material used in Barbie doll boxes contained timber produced by the Asia Pulp and Paper (APP), a subsidiary of palm oil and paper giant Sinar Mas group, which it described as a notorious destroyer of Indonesian natural forests especially in the Province of Riau where APP's production facility is located.

It also urged the producer of Barbie doll, Mattel, to stop wrapping the world’s most famous toy in rain forest destruction. APP denied the allegations that its activities posed any threat to the rain forests and endangered species in Indonesia.

I hope that the above Greenpeace announcement would make Sinar Mas extra careful in cutting the forest trees, and force them to make better efforts to save the forests in Indonesia


colson said...

I sympathise with Greenpeace. And even more with they try to accomplish. So I wish them the joy of this publicity. But the Barbie issue in my opinion is just that: publicity.

Munir ardi said...

I will tell to all my Family to stop buy Barby doll for their Children

Vainit said...

Hope my children is Son, so they dislike Barby Doll :)

Fifi said...

I'm sure it's not only Mattel that uses the same material to wrap their goods. I'm actually very concerned about the law and legislation when it comes to our forestry. There's just too much fraud/bribery going on in there (I grew up in East Kalimantan) and it's crazy how murky the business is. I don't think it's going to end soon, but at least with issues like this being thrown at the public, people could be more conscious about our forest. Something needs to be done!

Jolly Princess said...

Gosh! This is sad. I believe this is not the first time Mattel had this kind of publicity. I hope though everything will get settled soon for the good of everyone.

attayaya-safety said...

perusahaan APP tuh lokasinya di Riau tepatnya di kerinci (90km dari pekanbaru) yang telah ikut merusak hutan gambut terluas di Indonesia yaitu di semenanjung Kampar.

postinganku tentang Barbie masih draft

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

ckckck miris..

Multibrand said...

I agree with you, the Barbie issue is just for publicity.
Sometimes it is necessary to make an effective effort.

Yes we should start with ourselves.

Ha ha ha

Yes not just Mattel but Disney too.
This effort should be done indeed.

Yes let us hope things will improve soon.

Harus ada upaya sangat serius untuk menghentikan APP menebang pohon semau mereka.

Miris memang.

Fahrizi Noer Fajar Azman said...

bikin boneka kok ngerusak alam.... ironis.... boneka barbie yang menyumbangkan diri sebagai relawan penghancur bumi.... :(

Multibrand said...

Memang sangat ironis.

r10 said...

untung tak punya barbie, kasihan harimau sumatra, karena habitatnya berkurang, dan sering diburu, maka sekarang tinggal di penangkaran yang seperti penjara

Multibrand said...

Tragisnya yang menikmati hanya segelintir orang Indonesia.

sawali tuhusetya said...

lagi2 kita dihadapkan pada sebuah kenyataan pahit bahwa sebagian besar kerusakan hutan dan lingkungan justru bermula dari kaum kapitalis dan para pemilik modal. makin repot.

Multibrand said...

Anda benar Mas Sawali. Semua itu menjadi lebih parah akibat kelemahan pejabat pemerintahan kita.

Yuli Ayu Pratiwi Lie said...

go barbie <3

Multibrand said...

The Barbie doll itself is cute.