Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Obedient Wives Club in Jakarta

On 18 June 2011, a club called the Obedient Wives Club was established in Jakarta.

Earlier this month, a similar club was established in Malaysia by a fanatic organization called Global Ikhwan which was behind the controversial Polygamy Club which encourage Polygamy among Muslims several years ago.

The club claims that they can cure social illness such as Prostitution and Divorce by teaching women to be submissive and to keep their men happy in the bedroom. Because good sex is the foundation for healthy marriages and a strong society.

According to the leader of the Jakarta club i.e. Gina Puspita who shares her husband with three other women, a wife must be 100 percent obedient to her husband in all aspects, especially in Sexual Treatment. For which purpose the club would offer its members a package of teachings including how to treat their husbands in bed.

In my opinion, this club is making efforts to promote Indonesia.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I would have to agree with you Harry!

Anonymous said...

kunjungan perdana
salam hangat

triesti said...

The founder of obedient wives club is also the founder of the previous polygamy club.

Do men prefer a (sex) slave to a wife? because it looks like that..

Wisata Murah said...

polygamy selalu saja memperjuangkan diri untuk membuat pengaruh..dari waktu kewaktu selalu begitu.mmprihatinkan memang.

oh ya sob.. google update pagerank.. dan blog sobat. dianugerahi rank 4/10.silahkan check di tips wisata murah.. selamat ya

Multibrand said...

The club was built by the same people who built the polygamy club.

Terima kasih. Salam hangat juga.

A real man would only marry a woman that he loves therefore respect and admire. Definitely not a slave minded woman.

@Wisata Murah,
Poligami itu tidak hanya seorang wanitu yang berkorban tapi juga anak2nya yang hanya mendapat sebagian cinta seorang ayah.
Terima kasih atas infonya tentang page rank saya. Akan di cek.

Terrans said...

Hm?! How come the government officials allowed the person to open such of club? It looks to me this club has darker goals than it looks.


Aulawi Ahmad said...

I think if we talk about option, nothing wrong about that :)

Aprianti said...

Sign me in, Harry. But don't forget to sign my husband in to the obedient husbands club too :)

Dr Rohaya Mohamed said...

I am not reported fairly I think.

Multibrand said...

Our Marriage Law allow a man to marry more than one women if approved by a court verdict based on permission from first his wife.

@Aulawi Ahmad,
Considering that our law allowed polygamy, therefore it is legal.
But the fact is that only very few men practice polygamy.

Ha ha ha ha ..... unfortunately I don't agree with either obedient husband club or obedient wife club.

@Dr Rohaya Muhamed,
I'll check your blog/site. Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Honestly I don't see any wrong in being an "obedient" wife. The feminists and male chauvanists have twisted the terms too far.
Everything interpreted in "extreme" tends to be no good.

In the fifties, during my grandma's time, most women were deemed "obedient" stay at home wives. Does it make them inferior or sex compliant ? Sure she tolerated some of gramp's minor nuances once in a while, but so did he make compromises with her as well. If everyone fights over trivial things, the world will be
a chaotic place.

An "obedient" wife is only possible when the husband's respectful too.

Anonymous said...

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