Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Australia banned export of Live Cattle to Indonesia

On May 30 2011, Australian ABC television broadcast footage from Indonesian slaughterhouses that showed live cattle being whipped and left to die after their throats were cut.

This has sparked very strong protests from animal lovers in Australia who demand that their government stop the export of live cattle to Indonesia.
In order to calm down the protests, on 31 May the Australian government banned 12 abattoirs in Indonesia from slaughtering Australian live cattle.
But the protests never stop, so the Australian government on Tuesday totally banned export of US$ 330 Million/a year worth of live cattle to Indonesia.

Live Australian cattle account for up to 40 percent of Indonesia's beef consumption, while Indonesia buys 60% of Australia's live cattle export worth US$ 330 Million per year.

About 770 slaughterhouses operate in Indonesia and only five use the stun-gun method, according to the animal welfare group Animals Australia, which filmed the footage.

I believe that Australia's ban on live cattle export is some sort of a blessing in disguise, in the sense that it could make us consume local cattle meat, and/or eat more chicken and/or goat and/or fishes/sea food.


colson said...

Though I'm not an admirer of halal slaughtering, I think Australia's attempt to put pressure on Indonesia's slaughterhouses to comply to Australian demands, is odd ( You also may read "wrong").

And yes, I agree with you it may be a blessing in disguise to Indonesia and Indonesians.

Multibrand said...

Yes it is odd indeed.
There is another good thing about this ban : we can change into vegetarian.
That's something I've tried for many years but still unsuccessful.

colson said...

@ Harry: I'm afraid the Italian kitchen includes meat :).

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

And it could help NZ meat exports to Indonesia. We have meat works where stock are killed and meat prepared according to Muslim requirements. So we could send meat to Indonesia, providing we do have the extra meat. Aussie cattlement are furious with their government.

hajarabis said...

I'm not sure...but nice post,..!!:D
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TUKANG CoLoNG said...

ketika hewan makin langka, makin banyak yg melindunginya. lumayan posiif

r10 said...

ini bukan hanya masalah sapi impor australia, tapi masalah pemotongan yang tidak islami dan tidak berperikehewanan

jadi kalau sapi lokal juga dipotong seperti itu, yah sama aja masalahnya

triesti said...

more wagyu beef!

Anyway.. I thought Halal meat means that you slaughter your meat in humane manner. So, it's not about where the cattle is from, and not only because you said basmallah before slaughtering.

Therefore, Indonesian has been eating non-halal meat all these time.

Multibrand said...

I am still a meat eater .. he he he

Of course, our government has been thinking about importing cattle from your country too.

Okay I'll do that.

Bisa juga dikatakan demikian.

Anda benar, menurut agama Islam pemotongan tidak boleh menyiksa.

I love the Wagyu beef and/or Kobe beef.
Islam does not allow the torture of animals.

Multibrand said...
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Joni Arief said...

You are right this is a blessing in disguise for us in Indonesia, we can consume much more fishes,crabs, etc. which are plenty in our country.
Therefore we can stop wasting money on silly Australian products. We can buy them from many other countries like New Zealand, Latin America.

Multibrand said...

@Joni Arief,
Yes we should not buy Cattle
from a country is so arrogant
and discriminative.

Yuli Ayu Pratiwi Lie said...

i want australian beef ):

Multibrand said...

Australian beef is okay.