Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Indonesia & Singapore Extradition Treaty

I thought that Singapore would never want to sign an extradition treaty with Indonesia because it has enjoyed receiving lots of money brought by bad guys who ran away from Indonesia.

That's why I was very surprised when The Jakarta Globe reported that Indonesia and Singapore have already signed an Extradition Treaty and a Defense Cooperation Agreement on 27 April 2007 in Bali, witnessed by President SBY and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

A diplomat at the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta was quoted as saying that his country remains fully committed to the treaty and agreement and look forward to their ratifications by Indonesia.

The Indonesian House of Representatives refused to ratify the extradition treaty and defense agreement because of a clause that would allow Singapore to conduct military exercises in the island of Sumatra

Considering the above, I could understand the House of Representatives' refusal to ratify the Extradition Treaty. One thing that I could not understand is why our government agreed to give Singapore military training facility on our country's soil without any consultation with the House of Representatives ?


triesti said...

So, how much did the broker get for getting the article of military exercise in Sumatra in the agreement from Spore government?

Multibrand said...

It's very difficult to deny your allegation, considering the corruption and bribery that have plagued our country.

Vainit said...

Ussually The Government of Indonesia make decision but he don't think what will happen later? so Indonesia should be more carefully make decisions

Multibrand said...

Yes the government should consider every aspects when dealing with other countries.

Anonymous said...

" (I thought that Singapore would never want to sign an extradition treaty with Indonesia because it has enjoyed receiving lots of money brought by bad guys who ran away from Indonesia)."

Hi Harry,
Ha ha ha I thought your comments
above was very well spoken and honest :P

colson said...


It may seem peculiar in this case but I guess generally the rule is that the government governs ( that is among other things negotiate and conclude deals and treati9es with other countries) and parliament afterwards checks the results and approves or disapproves. (Though of course it is wise if ministers make sure in advance that crucial MPs will back them up.)

If a parliamentary majority doesn't go along with the results, the government will have to renegotiate ( or the ministers concerned resign).

PS: Military exercises on the territory of befriended foreign countries is not common, but not rare or peculiar either.

Multibrand said...

@Bear Wife,

Actually I have edited the post several times to soften it's meaning.
Thank you for the kind words.


The military exercise in the agreement is to be done solely by Singapore on our soil.
Thus not the usual joint military exercise between several countries.

With the parliament's rejection, the government must renegotiate the agreement like you said, but they didn't do that.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

satu lagi, ga ada alasan berobat ke luar negeri bagi tersangka dengan alasan sakit

Fonega said...

mampir, meskipun ga ngerti maksudnya, tapi mampir boleh kan :)

colson said...

@ Harry: There is not much room for mutuality, that is for Indonesian forces to exercise on Singapore territory also, is there? :)

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

i remember when 1 island in hawaii used to be an island for USA to take military exercise. once they left the island, the boom trap wasn't remove until now. OMG, my Sumatraaa T_T

Munir ardi said...

ya kapan ya Indonesia punya perjanjian ekstradisi dengan Singapura agar tidak menjadi surga tempat bersembunyi para perampok negara

Multibrand said...

kalau sudah jadi Tersangka tidak boleh pergi keluar negeri.

Saya dengan senang hati menerima komentar dalam bahasa Indonesia.

The reason why Singapore wants to have military exercise facility in Sumatera is because the city state does not have area for that.
So no way it will allow Indonesia to exercise there.

A few months ago people in the village in Central Java protested against the use of nearby are as ground for military exercise.

@Munir Ardi,
Mudah2an akan perjanjian extradisi bisa diadakan dan diseujui.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

It reinforces relationships and trust between countries, Harry.

r10 said...

tidak semua negara punya perjanjian ekstradisi, seperti amerika dgn RRC

Multibrand said...

I agree with you, however it would be very difficult to allow a foreign country's military troops have their own military exercise on our soil. We are not used to it.

Pemerintah kita sudah tandatangani dengan Singapore tapi DPR menolak.

Anonymous said...

Indonesia kadang ada2 aja. Kalo bener memang ada tuntutan hukum terhadap orang2 yg ingin di extradisi, kenapa ga dibatalin aja passport nya mereka??
Mereka itu memang begitu, terutama beberapa orang anggota pemerintah indonesia, itu rasis. Mungkin sengaja kali, karena yg sering ke Singapore kan, orang minoritas? Aneh kalo menurut gue, soal extradisi?? mestinya kan, kalo memang harus ditangkap, kenapa ga dicegat aja di airport Indonesia?? itu karena mereka main belakang alias diem2, jadi ga ada tuntutan hukum, tapi mau menarik balik orangnya dengan cara main persulit di LN. Pikir donk.. baik2.. kalo memang ada tuntutan hukum, beritain di pemerintah negara asing atau ybs, dan tarik balik passport nya.. bull shit amat sih