Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Jakarta

Jakarta is the capital and the largest city of Indonesia, with a population of 9,580,000 people (2010 census), living in a land area of 661 square kilometers.

The administrative status of Jakarta is a Province consisting of five municipalities i.e. Central Jakarta, South Jakarta, West Jakarta, East Jakarta, North Jakarta, and one regency i.e the Thousand Islands Regency. 

For details about Jakarta, please read here.

Now that Jakarta is 484 years old, I hope that its present and future governments would be more serious and do their very best to drastically improve the overall infrastructure of the city especially congested traffic, renovate slum area, prevent floods, build much more green area and longer roads, i.e by building Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT), low cost public housing, stop building shopping malls in crowded area, revitalize green area, road pavements and riversides etc.

Photo :  Courtesy of Wikipedia.


deeahzone said...

Happy Birthday Jakarta 484! Thanks Harry Nizam for sharing us such great shot of Jakarta's city most visited place.

colson said...

Though I'm not so sure I will be around to see it myself, I guess it would be nice of the ambitious program you laid down for the authorities, will behave have come true by the festivities of 500 years Jakarta in 2027,

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

happy birthday jakarta... jakarta celebration always held PRJ. for this year, i'm not going there :D

Furree Katt said...

happy birthday to Jakarta :D 484 years is a lot :O

sawali tuhusetya said...

Jakarta ternyata sudah berusia ha,pir 5 abad. semoga dengan bertambahnya usia, jakarta makin arif, matang, dan dewasa dalam menghadapai berbagai permasalahan sosial dan kultural yang muncul.

resep masakan said...

Salam kenal dari rumah resep masakan Indonesia, ditunggu kunjungan baliknya :).

Multibrand said...

Let's hope all the best for Jakarta.

Hopefully my hopes can be realize in 2027.

Yes, usually celebration is done at Jakarta Fair complex in Kemayoran.

@Furre Katt,
Yes 484 years is a lot.

Mudah2an jakarta bertambah matang dan dewasa dibandingkan daerah lain.

@Resep Masakan,
Salam kenal juga, terima kasih. Saya akan kunjung balik.

hobby exchange said...

happy b'day jakarta... smoga masalah kemacetan bisa diantisipasi pemdanya. salam tuk mas admin.

Multibrand said...

@Hobby Exchange,
Semoga permasalahan yang ada akan berkurang dengan bertambahnya umur.
Salam kembali.

Rumah Dijual said...

Happy Birthday Jakarta,,
Semoga permasalah yang ada di kota jakarta segera terselesaikan,,, :)

Forex said...

Semoga Jakarta menjadi Kota yang lebih baik lagi,,,

Multibrand said...

@Rumah Dijual,
Semoga Jakarta menjadi kota yang bersih dan nyaman.

Setuju dengan anda.

r10 said...

semoga transportasi jakarta segera dibenahi, jangan sampai tambah macet

Multibrand said...

Mudah2an transportasi masal (MRT) akan dibangun.