Sunday, February 21, 2010

Manohara again

One of the most dramatic news reported by the Indonesian media     last year was the strange marriage between Indonesian-American teenager Manohara (17) and Prince Fakhry (32) of Kelantan, Malaysia.

The relationship ended after Mano ran away from her husband, and each of them initiated legal actions against the other. But, considering that such actions were taken in each of their own countries, therefore none of them became legally effective.

Afterward, Mano played in an highly paid Indonesian TV Sinetron (soap opera) which was not popular as expected. Beside that, she also tried to maintain popularity by taking part in anti corruption demonstration and other high profile activities.

And recently, reported about photos of a person who looks like Mano with a man only described by his initial AM. But someone at Mano's home said that the are not photos of Mano.

Considering that the legal status of her marriage is still unclear, I wonder how will her husband Prince Fakhry will react when he find out about the above photos.

Photo: Courtesy of Yahoo/KapanLagi.


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

A little bit of Indonesian sleaze, perhaps?

H. Nizam said...


It's something like that.

true pillager said...

I'm Concerned about the fate of Manohara

colson said...

The price of being ( or wanting to be) a celebrity is loosing one's privacy.

umihoney said...

I don't really know about her until the news broke about the court case.I think there are other more pressing national issues that people are concerned about than royalty/celeb marital disputes.However there are also some who simply loves gossips and scandals.I believe there's always 3 sides to a dispute..his side,her side and the truth.


Nice post, Sir!
Too young to be widow he...he...

H. Nizam said...

@True Pillager,

From the story of her life, marriage at 16, one can tell that her mother play a dominant role in what she's gone through.


You are right, stardom has its price.


I post this to give a bit of variety to my blog. It's like giving certain spice to cooking.
I agree that in this kind of case there will always be 3 sides of the story.


Thank you for the kind words.

umihoney said...

Aww Nizam..I have worded this wrongly.I didn't mean that as a criticism.It's an interesting piece that you have posted.I agree totally that it gives variety.I was describing the scenario here in my place,the reactions to this when the story broke.We have quite a number of "sensational stories" and a high profile court case going on as such that has kinda take the impact away from this news.My sincere apology Nizam.

H. Nizam said...


Hey I didn't see anything wrong with your comment, as a matter of fact I fully agree with you.

Don't worry, I have never agree with those who raise this matter as an issue.

As you may have been aware, last April we have parliamentary election and July presidential election.
As in other countries during campaigns political parties use anything to attack their opponents such as: injustices, patriotism, etc. etc.
That's why so many issues have been "exposed" just like so many other matters.

Tenang saja sahabatku.