Saturday, February 13, 2010

Freedom of Expression

Since the so called Reformasi came to Indonesia on 20 May 1998, people have been giving top priority to the freedom of expression.   

As a result, every day news media like TV stations, newspapers, magazines reported, online and offline, have been reporting about things that happened in our society that should be improved such  as Injustice, Corruption, etc. 

Unfortunately, said media also spread information which is sensitive and inappropriate for some people, especially underage children, such as sexual assaults, people being beaten, stabbed or even murdered for slight misunderstandings, and other horrifying stories.  

Especially that all TV stations are showing Sinetrons (soap opera) which I personally think not worth watching like horror stories, extra marital affairs, full of lots of rude behaviors and harsh words.

Moreover, the internet provides all kinds of writings and pictures, including Pornography and Violence, which may not be suitable for some people especially under aged children.

Personally, I strongly believe that freedom of expression should be protected. But, as a member of society I want to live in a peaceful & harmonious environment, therefore I strongly believe that freedom of expression should be carried out responsibly and accountably, otherwise it would cause disharmony in society.

Considering the above and cancellation of the draft of the Minister of Information & Communication regarding Multimedia Content, I hope that as Bloggers we always respect other people’s rights, and aware the effect that our words and actions might bring to our society. That way, our Indonesia would be a much better place to live.

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colson said...

The blogosphere and multimedia are a reflection of society. Nasty behavior and foul language on tv or on facebook is inherent unfortunately because it is part of society ( which is abundant with nasty behavior and foul language).

Censorship shouldn't be the solution however. Though I quite agree with you that civil behavior, and some education in 'netiquette' too perhaps, are badly needed.

H. Nizam said...


Basically we have the same opinion on the importance of freedom of expression through the internet.

But considering that internet is also consumed by children and people of various temperament, beliefs etc. I believe that there should be some sort of limitation.
In the western world maybe such differences may not cause big problem. But for us here, it could cause very big problems.
For example the media has often reported about sex by under aged children either among themselves or with adult caused by watching blue movies. There were also reports of violent conflicts.

Anggara said...

kadang, kebebasan itu tidak mengenakkan buat sebagian orang yang hidup di jaman tiada kebebasan :)

H. Nizam said...


Terima kasih atas komentar anda.

Pada prinsipnya kebebasan penting, bahkan UUD kita jelas2 melindungi.
Tapi, dalam hal2 tertentu perlu pengaturan khusus seperti pengaruh terhadap anak dibawah umur, dan hal2 sensitif seperti SARA.