Saturday, February 27, 2010

Garuda's Flight to Amsterdam

National flag carrier Garuda Indonesia has just been certified as a Four-Star Airline by a London based flight service certification institution, Skytrax, which places Garuda in the same rank as 26 other four-star airlines.
This has motivated Garuda's management to revitalize the Jakarta-Amsterdam-Jakarta flight, via Abu Dhabi, starting 1 June 2010. Please find below an article in Kompas for reference.

Garuda to Fly Jakarta-Abu Dhabi-Amsterdam Route in June
Jumat, 26 Februari 2010 | 19:17 WIB
SURABAYA, - Now officially a four star airline by the standard of Skytrax in terms of international flight service quality, Garuda Indonesia will expand its international route on June 1, 2010. The new route is Jakarta-Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-Amsterdam.

"The new international route is categorized as the profitable one," stated PT Garuda Indonesia's General Director and Director of HRD, Achirina, Friday.

Garuda is also preparing two other new routes to London (England) and the United States.

Achirina claimed that, other than expanding its international routes, Garuda Indonesia is also improving its innovation and creativity to aim at being a five-star airline. "In stages we target Garuda Indonesia to be a five-star airline by 2014, considering that now it's already a four star."

Garuda Indonesia was certified as a four-star airline from the international flight service certification institution, Skytrax, based in London, England. The certification places Garuda Indonesia in the same rank as 26 other four-star airlines. The considerations for certification are based on the ground and inflight services.

So far there are only six airlines with five star certification: Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways, Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Kingfisher Airlines, and Asiana Airlines. (C5-10/C17-09)


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

That must be huge boost for Indonesia's transport and tourist industries. It will prove to be a good revenue builder as well.


Edwin's Personal Blog said...

A turning point for Indonesia's flight. It's time to prove things we can do...

Belajar Ekspor Impor said...

So now there's a reason to revoke the ban to the Europe, right?

H. Nizam said...


Yes, we hope that Garuda would always improve its quality services.

Let us hope so.

@Belajar E.I
The European ban has been canceled that's why Garuda can fly again.

Luke said...

I am looking forward to flying direct to England, I hope that comes soon and at a price that is right.
Only time will tell

H. Nizam said...

Let's hope that Garuda will be able to offer you competitive price.

Amsterdam Flight said...

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