Monday, February 15, 2010

Internet Censor

The Minister of Information & Communications Tifatul Sembiring has prepared a Draft of Government Regulation regarding the Content of Multimedia.

This draft shall forbid the distribution, transmission and access to Pornography, Indecency, Gambling, Humiliation & sensitive issues pertaining to Ethnics, Religion and Racial through the internet.
Besides, there will be a Multimedia Content Team of 30 people, 15 from society 15 from government, which shall determine the legality of a content, for which purpose it shall analyze internet contents and make sure that they are "safe". 
In reaction to the above draft of regulation, online activists in Facebook, Twitter and Kaskus have launched campaigns to fight against the draft.
Considering the above, I hope that the Minister would reconsider said draft of regulation, and even if it should be issued it would not limit freedom of expression that is done in a decent and legal manner.
Source : Courtesy of Yahoo/Viva.


Rob Baiton said...


I think Indonesia / Indonesians are beginning to learn the difference between "talking the talk and walking the walk" on matters such as freedom of expression.

It is going to be an interesting ride :D

H. Nizam said...


We are facing a dilemma here, on the one hand we all want freedom of expression, on the other hand many people are easily provoked for things which are simple and get mad very easily.

However, issuance of the censor regulation would not guarantee that people would speak carefully.

Yari NK said...

Does the ministry not have better things to do than banning this and that? Say, providing communication infrastructure in the remote areas and so on....?

It seems that the ministry wants to draw attention to show us that they have popular things to do and thus it is worth hitting the headlines.. :lol:

colson said...

So the democratic government of RI plans to join other governments like China, Iran, Myanmar, that also want to protect citizens from harmful information?

Strange. Who wants to walk backwards?

H. Nizam said...


That might be a possibility. Actually there are more important things that the Minister and his office should do. But maybe because they are much harder and less popular they prefer making such regulation.

H. Nizam said...


Every government tend to try to get more control over their people.
If the reason is to provide legal grounds to safeguard the people from their own behaviors, actually we already have enough laws like the Penal Code, Electronic Information & Transaction Law, Communication Law, all of which provide grounds for legal actions against Blasphemy, Libel, etc.

umihoney said...

It's not easy governing a pluralistic nation,multi religion, culture and ethnic.People are easily provoked,sensitivity is an issue.Freedom of speech also comes with accountability and responsibility.There is no absolute freedom.Anyone outside the govt.can throw a stone and hide,and watch the aftermath.With the internet virtually any one can start a hailstorm or bush fire at a click.Let us hope that we are all mature and sensible and responsible
users to do something this foolish.Wishful thinking?maybe.Thats why they draft that law I guess. Selamat semuanya.Amin.

H. Nizam said...


Your opinion on the issuance of draft of regulation is very clear as always. Thanks.

I understand the reason for said draft regulation is to prevent any writing or statement conveyed through the internet that might spark conflict among citizens. Experience told us that people can be easily provoked because of other people's words.

But I also understand why people protests against the draft, because they feared that it might limit freedom of speech.

So there should be a win-win solution i.e a draft of regulation that would only limit things that are against the laws & regulations

helixia said...

Too much holding back inhibits bousterity, creativity, novelty, passion and life. Most of such censor regulation do not achieve much other than stroking the ego of each government's concern of threats on foreign invasion of idealism.

H. Nizam said...


They'll try all kinds of excuses to censor the internet, including filtering foreign influences like you said.