Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lapindo Today

On 28 May 2006, the mining company PT. Lapindo Brantas failed to follow standard procedures for drilling natural gas which caused disaster i.e. never ending Hot Mud Flow in Sidoardjo, East Java.

By late 2009, the Mud Flow have swarmed a land area of around 10 square kilometers in Porong. More than 12,000 houses, dozens of factories and public facilities, and thousands of hectares of agriculture properties were buried in the mud.

However, Lapindo refused to be responsible for the losses, claiming that the disaster was a natural disaster caused by a 6.3 Richter Scale earthquake that struct Jogyakarta (300 KM away) wto dats before Lapindo drilled the gas in Sidoardjo.
And the fact that Lapindo's majority owner i.e. Aburizal Bakrie, was the Coordinating Minister for Social Welfare in President SBY' s 2004-2009, has enabled Lapindo to be in a safe position.

Today, almost four years after the disaster starts, Tempointeraktif reported that two officials of Lapindo, VP Relation Yuniwati Teriyana and Operational Manager Bambang Susatyo, have nominated themselves as candidates for the election of the Chief of the Regency of Sidoardjo next.

In spite of the above, I hope that there will be serious efforts to carry out an over all investigation on what really cause the Lapindo Mud Flow, after which perhaps a solution can be found to stop the Mud Flow and the sufferrings of people victimized by the disaster.

Photo: Courtesy of Wikipedia.


colson said...

The fun of life is it's absurdity. But is it really possible these guys will factually be elected??!!!!

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H. Nizam said...


Under normal circumstances, I don't think so. But there would always be exception, which can be seen from the existence of some victims in the candidacy declaration.

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