Sunday, February 14, 2010

Anand Khrisna & Sexual Harrashment

Last Friday, two students of  Spiritual Guru Anand Khrisna, reported Anand to the National Commission for Protection of Females, for Sexual Harassment.

The students, Tara and Sumidah, said that Anand harassed them after he "brainwashed" them.
And they plan to report Anand to the Police soon.

In reaction to the above allegation, Anand told reporters earlier today that it is not true, because he never give treatment or meditate with one or two students but always with a group of students.
However, Anand said that he is ready to face legal action that will be taken by both females against him.

For detailed media reports, please click here, herehere and here.

This case really surprised me, because the media have always been reporting Anand Khrisna as a famous Spiritual Guru who always talked and write about Inter-religious Harmony, Peace and Culture.
Therefore I hope that this case would be clarified very soon so that people would not be confused anymore.

Photo : Courtesy of Liputan6.


GregoryJ said...

Do you think he did it or not?
What do they say he did?

H. Nizam said...


I am not sure. The man is a respected public figure.
But it's not easy to tell.

GregoryJ said...

A lot of 'respected' public figures are not always respectable, at least not in USA. You're heard all the news about former Senator and presidential candidate John Edwards?
And the governor of the state of South Carolina who went to Rio to see his lover?

Power corrupts a lot of men.

Mystique Earth said...

Hi Harry,
I'd like to believe such a figure did not do it. But then, if he is really guilty, then no men should be above the law.

I hope justice will be served to the right party. In some countries, justice can be bend to serve the one that holds powers. I hope it is not the case here.

aminamsyah said...

Sob, kunjungan siang :D, ada mainan tag-tagan sob, mohon digarap kalo berkenan :D

H. Nizam said...


There are also similar cases here too. That's why there's a saying:
" Don't judge a book by the cover "

H. Nizam said...

Mystique Earth,

The best way would be to let the law enforcement agencies check it out and decide the case according to the laws.

H. Nizam said...


Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan infonya. Saya akan berkunjung ke blog anda.

Rob Baiton said...


It would seem he is more than just a spiritual guru.

It is not beyond the realm of possibility that spiritual gurus also use there 'spiritual-ness' in ways that are not so spiritual. It is not all that uncommon for spiritual figures or cult leaders to abuse their positions to sexually abuse / harass / or otherwise bother ordinary innocent people, is it?

H. Nizam said...


You are right, many people and/or group of people of various religions claimed that they are "holier" than others, yet abused the trusts given by their followers for their own selfish advantage.

umihoney said...

I think 'holy' men of any religion are tested with temptations more than 'ordinary' men by virtue of their aura and magnetism.Many has succumb which led to their downfall.If the allegations are true then he should pay accordingly.

H. Nizam said...


You are very right my friend, this is a matter of men's failure to fight temptations.