Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park

The Gunung Halimun-Salak National Park contains some of Indonesia's largest remaining lowland and mountainous forests.

The 400 Square Kilometers park is located in the Regencies of Bogor and Sukabumi, West Java, and Lebak, Banten, can be reach by around four to five hours drive from the city of Jakarta.

The national park has a wide variety of animals and plants, waterfalls, tea plantations and other interesting things.

For details, please click here, here, and  here.

Photos : Courtesy of Komunitas Untuk Semua.


Thomas said...

Those are some absolutely beautiful pictures!

Bobi said...

wish i were there! so peaceful looking.

H. Nizam said...

Yes my friend, even more beautiful in reality.

You are welcome here anytime.

umihoney said...

aww how beautiful.Thank you for sharing. Absolutely lovely.

H. Nizam said...

Yes, it's even lovelier in reality.

Kirigalpoththa said...

Fantastic place! Thank you for sharing. :)

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for the kind words.