Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to Boost Men's Sexual Ability

Most men would do their very best to boost their sexual ability to satisfy women, among others by increasing the size of their Penis.
In Indonesia, or should I say in Jakarta and vicinity, there is a woman called Ma Erot who live in Sukabumi area, West Java, who is very popular for her ability to increase the size of men's Penis.
In order to provide a bird's eye view on this matter, I will quote an article in Kompas below. Happy reading.
Crazy Things Men Do to Boost Penis Size
Kamis, 4 Februari 2010 | 13:47 WIB — If women often feel insecure about their small breast size, then a lot of men are equally uneasy about the size of their penis. Some men are so desperate to improve this shortcoming so that they could satisfy their partner, which is the same reason why women boost their breasts.

Unfortunately, some men brashly go to masseurs or shamans reportedly able to enlarge their penis size. Prof. Dr. Wimpie Pangkahila, SpAnd, FAAC, recounts his encounter with five strapping men who'd just returned from a trip out of town. All of them came with the same complaint regarding their penes.                                                                                               

"They had their penes injected with liquid silicon. They got bigger, but they were horrible beyond recognition"
said Prof. Wimpie in a talkshow themed "Sex and Pleasurable Life Quality Despite Aging", at Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Monday.

This method is definitely not recommended. But for the sake of better performance, these men ignored the risk. Here are a few other examples of odd methods to enlarge or extend one's penis:

1. Injecting the penis with liquid silicon or colagent
2. Pumping the penis with a tube-pump
3. Soaking the penis in tea, then massaging it
4. Soaking the penis in a masseur's special 'elixir'
5. Going to masseuse/shamans like Mak Erot for a massage
6. Using a magic stick from Kalimantan (usually dubbed Ali stick, which is actually the eurycoma 
    longifolia root)
7. Consuming medicines to enlarge the penis

Never assume that rustic hill-billies will be the only ones who do those things as well-off and educated men are also tempted to try them.

"None of those methods are right. Some men who came too late after using those methods or tools had had to be amputated because their penes had become rock-hard."

Well, ladies, please remind your partners to be confident. Size isn't the only factor in heating up your relationship. There are other ways to Rome. (C2-10/C17-09)


Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Ha Ha. Great post. Stupid men!

Nothing really works. Cutting a small ligature will increase the penis by about an inch - an inch, because it loosens things up a bit. Bit of stretching exercises would probably have the same result. Read the 'Kama Sutra' which suggests men and women should be physically compatible.

Great post, made my day!


Shamans they are all shamons.

H. Nizam said...


I am glad that you like my post.
The fact is that so many men are doing it. It would be better to exercise and read Kamasutra like you said.

colson said...

"there is a woman called Ma Erot who live in Sukabumi area, West Java, who is very popular for her ability to increase men's Penis".

This is stating the obvious, isn't it?

H. Nizam said...


Ma Erot is very popular here for that. I have have never tried, don't need it (LOL).

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