Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why is Gayus so Strong ?

Former Tax officer Gayus Tambunan (31) is one of the most famous person in Indonesia today. This can be seen from the fact that his name and face appear on the media everyday.

                                          Credit : Wikipedia.

Besides, Gayus is also an influential person, this can seen from the fact that although he has been arrested by the Police since June 2010, but he was able to leave the detention center 65 times and free to go wherever wants to, inside and out side Indonesia using passport under the name of Sony Laksono.

                                           Credit: The Jakarta Globe.

The question is : why is Gayus that strong ?
Is it because he is a former officer of the Tax Office who has helped several big companies solve their Tax matters, and therefore got lots of money from them ?
Is Gayus being used to discredit the name of the Chairman of the Golkar Party Aburizal Bakrie, as owner of some of those companies ?

I shall be very grateful to hear your opinion about this.


ibucketbot said...

Well of course, guys like him have great power! Seeing that he was a former tax officer, im sure he managed to help companies evade taxes and from which he was obviously rewarded a handsome amount of money. He getting out of the jail is nothing shocking, because i am pretty sure he bribed the police officers.
Guys like these will enjoy freedom and exploit others, theres nothing we the civilians can do. Its always us who will suffer in the long run.

Muarif said...

kawan follow back yach

H. Nizam said...

Yes, I think that you are right.
It is money that made him looks so strong.

Baik, saya akan ke blog anda.

Wisata Murah said...

people like Gaius to be put to death

the dream catcher said...

Obviously he has many back ups... and now he is the only space goat...
I am totally sure that all those people who backing him will be able to get away from the law... Money does talk a lot...

julicavero said...

first is money and then secret. i think he has secrets of most important person in indonesia, including of company tax

Aulawi Ahmad said...

Ah I don't know what can say about this cases...Hopefully that case make our goverment more attention n realize about they mistake...

colson said...

It is like one of those great crime novels: exciting and unbelievable. Yet this is not fiction or faction, it is real life drama..

H. Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Our anti-corruption law stipulated that under certain condition, e.g the country is in emergency or crisis, the court may pass a death sentence to people who corrupt.
I don't think the prosecutor would ask for death sentence on Gayus. Especially that he is just a mid-level Taxman, thus has superior officers.

@Ria/The Dream Cather,
I agree that Gayus is just a scapegoat covering the 'sins'
of his superior officers who obviously have more power and
got much more money than him.

Yes he holds the tax secrets of big companies that he once helped.

Let us hope that government
would improve their management supervision system, and boost anti corruption efforts.

Yes, this is a real-life drama indeed, therefore real actions must be taken.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

penjahat ini cukup nyentrik. adahal uah dapet kabur, kenapa pul balik lagi? cekacekaceka

AcerNoval said...

gayus is "NARAPIDANA" in Indonesia..

dee said...

Why is Gayus so strong/ yah that's big question of us.. Why he with simply could vacation and travel abroad? Money make all simply,, but I think not all in this world could be bought by money right?

H. Nizam said...

Justru disitu letak kejanggalan kasus ini. Kalau Gayus benar2 pergi bebas masa dia kembali lagi. Padahal waktu dia ditangkap di Singapore dulu perlu dijemput team khusus.

Until now Gayus is still a Suspect in the court trial.

Money is the key in this case.
I agree that money can't buy everything.