Thursday, January 27, 2011

Is Antasari really Guilty ?

After the South Jakarta District Court sentenced him to Seven Years in prison and pay a Fine of Rp 300 Million last week, ex Taxman Gayus Tambunan made some shocking statements to reporters.

Gayus said that the Prosecutors should have brought Cirus Sinaga, who prosecuted him in his previous case, as witness. He said that this was not done because they feared that Cirus Sinaga would reveal the irregularities in the murder case of former Chief of the Corruption Eradication Commision (KPK) Antasari Azhar. He also said that Cirus Sinaga has fabricated the said murder case.

Antasari is now serving an 18-year jail term for ordering the murder of state company director Nasrudin Zulkarnaen in March 2009. The Supreme Court has upheld the verdicts of the District Court and the High Court in Jakarta.

Last Tuesday, one week after Gayus made his allegations, the lawyer of Cirus Sinaga denied those allegations.

Gayus's statement reminded me of the murder charges against Antasari who was popular at that time because of KPK's successes in handling Corruption Cases that involved very important officials, e.g. former Deputy Governor of the Bank Indonesia who is the father-in-law of President SBY's son, and Bank Century Bailout which involved former Governor of said Bank and current Vice President Boediono.

First, there was the relationship between Antasari and the Golf Caddy girl Rani Juliani who turned out to be the second wife of the director of the state company he murdered.
As the a top official, it is very strange that he want to be involved continuously with such girl while actually he can easily get better ones.     

Secondly there was the rendezvous between Antasari and the girl at a hotel at a very crowded area in South Jakarta. For a married guy in his position, this is very foolish. Why not choose a villa at the Ancol beach resort in North Jakarta  where they can do anything they want without others knowing ?

Third, the murder was carried out by a group of 11 people lead by a Police Colonel Wiliardi that reminded me of commando operation in battle movies. Why so many people involved in the murder of an unguarded civilian ? Actually it can be done by only two persons therefore minimizing the leak of information about the crime.

Fourth, according to the report of Forensic Expert Dr Mu'nim Idris, it was difficult for him to determine about the murder because Nasrudin's body was sent to him in a manipulated condition, it has been moved from one hospital to another, bullet wounds were stitched, his hair shaved.

Fifth, Colonel Wiliardi said that the murder was fabricated by the Police. While former Chief Detectives of the National Police Susno Duaji confessed in favor of Antasari. 

Considering the above, I felt that there should be an investigation to find out the truth about the murder charges against Antasari Azhar.

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colson said...

Whether Gayus is a reliable witness or not ( I guess he's not), the case against and conviction of Antasari A. was too sloppy and too convenient for a lot of dubious persons, too be convincing.

So sensible people should agree with you: "there should be an investigation". An objective, unbiased, thorough, expert and independent investigation that is.

pj said...

I've often wondered about this case as well. It strikes me as strange that a former prosecuter with years of experience in dealing with crimes of this nature would choose such a clumsy method of execution. Further why involve so many people? Easier for 1 or 2 folks to keep a secret but 8-9?
Oh well.

Wisata Murah said...

is very terrifying. if angels can be lied to, they will lie with the law that they conquered

julicavero said...

unbelieveble that Antasari was guilty...that's a politics game

Ferdinand said...

Pagi Sob... wah kangen nie baca yg serius2 disini hhe... :P

Hem... aku juga masih mikirin perkataan Gayus yg bilang Kasus Antasari cuma rekayasa Jaksa Cyrus Sob.... entah mana yg bener... mending kita tunggu aja lah kelanjutan kasusnya :P

Sukses slalu :P

Aprianti said...

Only sinetron-oriented people would incline to believe in such a shallow motive in Antasari’s case. Heck, even sinetron has a happy ending :)

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

ini bak gunung es. gayus hanya puncaknya. tersangka besarnya tenggelam di bawah permukaan tak keliatan

BeBek said...

Salam kenal sebelumnya...

Setengah hidup saya berusaha untuk bisa mengerti isi artikel ini...
abisnya pake bahasa Inggris sih..

Tapi, sempet menyesal menjadikan pak Antasari sebagai idola..
lha, ujung2nya kena kasus juga..

Thomas said...

I Think it all not just about law, but also about politics. Did he guilty? maybe its to difficult to answer.I wonder that all component of this country has a strong commitement to open this case clearly, so this question could be answered.

triesti said...

Wonder if antasari will be release early due to good behavior inside...

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

hmm, reading your article make me think, does antasari really guilty? at the first time i think that, he can reveal so many corruption cases and it makes him has so many enemies right? there's still so many mistery in this case.

Berpikir Positif said...

Antasari make some big people face difficulties so he became a shoting target to terminated from his position

H. Nizam said...

Antasari was the central figure in KPK and his case has weakened KPK.
So a new investigation on the case would surely effect KPK.

Yes this case is very strange indeed.

@Wisata Murah,
It is very sad.

In order to know the truth
there should be an independent investigation.

Mudah2an ada jalan keluarnya.

Let us hope there will be a happy ending.

Kasus ini sangat sangat rumit.

Saya sangat menghargai komentar dalam bahasa negeri kita, bahasa Indonesia.
Salam kenal juga terima kasi anda telah follow blog saya di GFC. Saya akan follow balik.

We can only hope that this case will be investigate again.

It depends on the people who has 'trapped' Antasari.

Yes this case is still a mystery.

@Berpikir positif,
Yes when he was KPK chief he has made many people angry that they think wys to nail him.

dee said...

are Antasari and Gayus just sacrified? hmmm... Thanks Harry Nizam for share

halobro said...

Wah masalah macet kynya ciri khas Jkt ya. Prlu penanganan segera yg terus menerus n komprehensip..ngga tau dr mana mulainya, krn klo tidak, perkiraan bbrp th lg kedepan Jkt akan lumpuh total...bisa kejadian. Makasih artikelnya mas admin.

H. Nizam said...

In a way both of them can be regarded as scapegoats that have been sacrificed :
- Antasari : by politicians
- Gayus : by other corrupters

Terima kasih atas komentar anda, mas.
Sepertinya anda memberi komentar pada posting sebelunya: Jakarta Traffic. Tapi tidak apa.

attayaya_bokor said...

gtau seeh mana yg bener
too much conspiration lah pokoke

H. Nizam said...

Yeah you are right, too much conspiration.