Wednesday, January 19, 2011

7 Years for Gayus Tambunan

The South Jakarta District Court on Wednesday sentenced Gayus Tambunan to seven years in jail and a fine of Rp 300 million. Gayus said he highly appreciated the "fair" verdict. (JG Photo) 

Gayus Tambunan was a mid-level officer at the Directorate General of Taxation, but government officials, members of House of Representatives, and law enforcement agencies have been treating him as if he was the only person responsible for all the Tax Crimes in Indonesia.

Every day the media reported about him starting from his arrest by the Anti Mafia Task Force in Singapore, his rich bank accounts, expensive house and cars, his 68 trips inside and outside Indonesia while in Police detention center, trial at the District Court of South Jakarta, and the Prosecutors' demand for sentence of 20 years imprisonment for Tax Corruption charges.

But today, the Court's panel of judges seems to have their own opinion about Gayus when they sentenced him much lower than the Prosecutors' demand i.e. 7 year imprisonment and fine of 300 million Rupiah.

After the trial, Gayus told reporters that he was very disappointed at the Anti Mafia Task Force because they have turned him into public enemy number one, tried to persuade him and his wife to confess that he has helped the Tax fraud of companies owned by Chairman of Golkar Party Aburizal Bakrie, and that he has met him in Bali when he was detained by the Police.

He also accused the US intelligence agency CIA of arranging fake Guyana passports for him, his wife and children for the out of detention trips to Singapore, Malaysia and Macau. 

Considering that the sentence is much lower than what they have demanded and what have been expected by the public, most likely the Prosecutors would file an appeal with the Jakarta High Court against the District Court verdict.

Sources :
Gayus Praises Judges, Lashes Out at Task Force (The Jakarta Globe)
Gayus verdict disappointing: Graft Watchdog (The Jakarta Post) 

Photo: Courtesy of The Jakarta Globe


umihoney said...

Hi Harry,

Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State's failure, all crime in the end is the crime of the community.
H.G. Wells

I hope the investigation into the case will not ceased with this case. Is he going to be the only one deemed responsible?

Thank you for sharing. Take care Harry.

Wisata Murah said...

logika masyarakat sangat tidak sejalan dengan hukum yang seharus memayungi.itu yang dikorup kan jatah abpd satu provinsi untuk beberapa tahun.terlepas siapa yang terkait dari masalah ini.tapi menurut saya pribadi,selesaikan dulu masalah gayus.nanti dia kan nyayi lebih banyak tentang simponi dari judul yang tersimpan di memori otak korupnya.

julicavero said...

i dont think that he punished about 7years, i think the person behind him should be punish more than 7years

H. Nizam said...

I love the quote from HG Wells that you mentioned in your comment.
Crime and bad lives are the measure of a State's failure, that is true indeed.
Gayus can only helped companies do their Tax fraud with the permits of his superior officers at the Tax Directorate General. For big cases the Director General should make the decision.
So, many others on the top should be investigated.

@Wisata Murah,
Saya setuju dengan anda, tapi hakim pengadilan memutuskan kasus berdasarkan perkara, tuntutan dan kelengkapan bukti-2 yang diajukan jaksa.
Walaupun jaksa menuntut hukuman yang tinggi tapi tidak didukung bukti yang cukup maka hakim akan memberi putuskan sendiri.

Let us hope that there will be a thorough investigation on every one involved in this case. Especially that Gayus is only a mid level Taxman, therefore must rely on his superiors at the Dit.Jen Pajak.
Walaupun jaksa menuntut

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

saya masih mengidamkan aturan kayak di China. kriminalitas korupsi, suap, dan segala macemnya yang diatas minimal tertentu akan langsung dihukum mati tanpa ampun.
sayangnya di indonesia, yang korup itu ya yang bikin aturannya

Anonymous said...

Gayus membuat cerita
Dan negeri ini menjadikan tatapannya terarah ke sana

Ehm, 7 tahun

the dream catcher said...

It does not matter whether he got 7 or a life time sentence. He won't be in jail, I suppose... Probably he will go traveling again... Maybe to the CIA headquarter

Manajemen Emosi said...

sungguh memilukan hukum di negeri ini...mamalukan, memilukan dan memprihatinkan...hukum dapat dibeli terbukti sudah...TIDAK ADA EFEK JERA YO MAS

colson said...

Seven years in jail is pretty tough. But I agree with you the prosecutors hardly have any alternative but to appeal: the gap between 20 they demanded and 7 is huge indeed.

I'm afraid though 20 years for corruption and graft is perhaps slightly over the top - even for Gayus. Maybe the prosecutors were a little bit populist-driven? Especially since Gayus probably isn't the real spider in the web.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

arrrgh I really disappointed with that decision :( hmmm when the law at our country will be better?

H. Nizam said...

UU anti korupsi kita memungkinkan hukuman mati bagi koruptor yang merugikan saat negara sedang krisis.
Sebenarnya kalau serius bisa saja jaksa menuntut hukuman mati dalam sidang pengadilan negeri. Hasilnya tergantung putusan hakim. Lagi pula masih bisa banding, kasasi, PK.
Ini bagus untuk shock therapy.

Yang jadi masalah walau jaksa menuntut 20 tahun kalau buktinya tidak bisa meyakinkan hakim, maka hakim harus memutus sendiri berdasarkan fakta yang muncul di persidangan.

@Ria/The Dream Catcher,
Although I have my doubts on the truthfulness of the Gayus case but I prefer to be positive that in the end justice shall prevail.
In spite of irregularities that happened in this case, the govt has no choice but to make things right.
Re: CIA allegation, I think that Gayus and whoever behind him are trying to divert public attention from the legal case.

@Manajemen Emosi,
Memang sangat memilukan sekali.

H. Nizam said...

I supposed that the judges passed the verdict because they realized that Gayus is actually not the spider in the web like you said.
It is impossible that he could arranged the Tax frauds without permits from superior officers of the Tax Directorate General.

@Aulawy Ahmad,
Although we are disappointed, let us hope that the law enforcement agencies will get Tax officers whose levels are much higher than Gayus.

Jolly Princess said...

I am sorry for this news. This would have not happened had it not been for the love of money. I hope this will serve as warning to those who still have plans of using peoples money for his/her own benefits.

uli mayang said...

agree with tukang colong :D

r10 said...

hukuman 7 tahun melukai rakyat indonesia, apalagi negara ini gemar memberikan remisi kepada koruptor

artinya 3 tahun lagi gayus bisa bebas

H. Nizam said...

Although many people protested against the sentence which is much lower than 20 years demanded by the prosecutor, but the findings during trial could be used as basis for prosecuting the top level Taxmen.

@Uli Mayang,
Kita semua mengharapkan ketegasan dalam penuntutan dan penghukuman para koruptor. Semoga dimasa depan pemerintah mau lebih serius berperan dalam pemberantasannya.

Ini kan baru putusan pengadilan negeri, jaksa bisa naik banding ke PT, kalau masih belum puas bisa kasasi ke MA, lalu masih ada peninjauan kembali.

attayaya_angka said...

7 tahun?
sedikit amat
terus yang terkait lainnya gimana.
kok ga diusut?
perusahaan yang menyogok gimana?

Anonymous said...

i'm very concern and still remember about gayus's statement:
"Give me a couple of years. I will fight anyone who is involved in the issue of corruption police agencies."

H. Nizam said...

Yang jadi masalah kenapa jaksa tidak mengajukan bukti yang lebih yakinkan hakim agar Gayus dihukum 20 tahun ?
Tapi jaksa masih bisa meminta agar dihukum lebih lama dengan mengajukan banding dan kasasi.
Tentang atasan Gayus di DitJen Pajak dan pihak lain yang diduga terlibat bergantung pada keseriusan pemerintah mengganyang koruptor.

Let us not be influenced by Gayus' arrogance and push the law enforcement agencies to worker harder and smarter in fighting corruptors.

Thomas said...

GAYUS vs Denny : which one whos telling the truth??

H. Nizam said...

Hi Thomas,
Gayus is just like a pawn in a game of chess. He was just a mid level Tax man who has many superior officers above him.
The government and the news media only focused on him but not the higher officers including the Director General of Tax.

attayaya_bond said...

berarti jaksanya lemah amat neh

H. Nizam said...

Yang jadi pertanyaan:apa mungkin pemerintah dan penegak hukum tidak mampu menghadapi mafia hukum ?
Saya cenderung untuk mengatakan mereka sangat mampu tapi karena hal hal tertentu mereka bersikap lemah.
Faktor politis sangat mungkin, seperti upaya menjatuhkan nama Aburizal Bakrie agar dia tidak bisa dicalonkan dalam pemilu 2014.

Berpikir Positif said...

I hope that one years just for one case and the other case will be punish too

sawali tuhusetya said...

gayus ibarat membuka kotak pandora, woi ... ternyata di dalamnya banyak bercokol orang2 yang tak tersentuh hukum. apa tumon ya di negeri yang konon berasas hukum, tapi yang terpenjara hanya wong cilik doang.

H. Nizam said...

@Berpikir Positif,
Yes I also hope so.T

Mudah2an kali ini pemerintah benar2 srius menegakkan hukum secara adil tanpa pilih kasih.