Sunday, January 23, 2011

Underage Prostitution through Facebook

Facebook is the most popular online social networking media in Indonesia, that many people have been using this site to advertise their products and/or services.

This is obvious because according to Facebook, advertisements could reach over 500 million people who connect and share through this networking media.

But unfortunately, Facebook's popularity has also been used by some people to do indecent things, such as prostitution. Please find below an article about this that I have quoted from The Jakarta Post.

I hope that parents would show more care and attention on their children especially in browsing the internet including Facebook.

I also hope that Facebook's management would make efforts to prevent it's members from using their account for prostitution otherwise they would be facing problems with the information and communication authority here.

Woman arrested for running prostitution ring through Facebook

The Jakarta Post, Jakarta | Wed, 01/19/2011 4:43 PM | Jakarta

Jakarta police arrested a woman suspected of running a prostitution business involving seven junior high school girls through Facebook, a police official said on Wednesday. 

Central Jakarta police detective chief Adj.Sr.Com. Yoyon Toni Saputra said that Dede, 28, who was arrested on Monday, had allegedly committed the crimes for two years, reported. 

The suspect, a resident of Manggarai, South Jakarta, allegedly recruited his neighbors to become prostitutes. The suspect allegedly used Facebook to solicit the girls, aged between 13 and 16 years old, at the price of Rp 2 million (US$222) each, sending them to meeting places as required by the buyers once the deals were made, according to Yoyon.

Yoyon said the case was discovered after a teacher checked the Facebook account of a student who was a classmate of one of the girls. The teacher told the girl’s father about what he found, and the father reported it to the police. 

The father said his daughter had changed in the past few months.
“She used to greet us before going to school, but now she never does. She is rebellious and often returns home late at night,” he said, adding that everyday he gave her Rp 20,000 for pocket money.

On Tuesday the police also arrested one of Dede’s alleged customers, Alay, 50, in his room at Puri Kemayoran Apartment, Central Jakarta. He was arrested soon after a girl sent by Dede entered his room.


dee said...

now on social networking like facebook is the best place, it's unbelievable and we must carefull of it,, veiled prostitution..sometimes now children more smart using technology than their parents. Let's take the positive from Fb! Thanks Harry

Berpikir Positif said...

yeah that's why mark Zukenberg said , everything is out of controll now there are many bullshit thing in facebook

colson said...

Girls aged 13 till 16! My God.

There is a number of culprits; a youth culture of competitive materialism, parents who fail to safeguard their children from dangerous temptations, the semi-paedophile whore hoppers and the pimping lady.

Now there is Facebook as well. Though I'm critical about FB I don't think in this case it's the first one to blame.It's ( or rather should be, in my opinion) first and foremost a neutral social medium. I don't think it would be progress if it became part of the moral police as well.

H. Nizam said...

I also believe that FB has more positive things, but parents should maintain closer relationship with their children an pay attention to their activities. They should work closely with school teachers.

@Berpikir Positif,
Now that Mark Zukenberg knew that, let's hope that FB would want to find a way to prevent it.

I agree that we cannot expect FB to do police work on its members,
but I am sure that FB would not want to allow prostitution esp. that involve underage children on its site.

Madzhab Bisnis OnLine said...

Nice info sob :-)

H. Nizam said...

Madzhab Bisnis Online,
Terinma kasih. Saya senang anda menyukainya.

triesti said...

I'm curious to see kick andy episode on young prostitution.. there were some problems with dewi motik et al during the taping..

triesti said...

I'm curious to see kick andy episode on young prostitution.. there were some problems with dewi motik et al during the taping..

H. Nizam said...

Hi Triesti,
Yes I just read about Kick Any on friend's blog. I hope that they'll replay the show.

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

btw, selalu baca jakarta pos ya pak? atau bapak salah satu bagian dari redaksi disitu?

Jolly Princess said...

This could happen anywhere on the net Harry. If you are familiar with the website TAGGED. There are more crooks in there. I met several from that Website. You may try creating a profile and see for yourself.

Oppps! Please do not get me wrong. I do not have a relative nor I work for Facebook. I am glad the Call Center in Indonesia for the Facebook Website is doing their job.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

The potential for good, and bad.

In NZ employers surf through Facebook checking on employees comments. A couple of young Kiwis have actually lost their jobs because of comments made on FB.

H. Nizam said...

Saya langganan berbagai media termasuk Jakarta Post dan Bali Post untuk menambah pengetahuan.

Yeah you are right bad things could happen anywhere on the net.
I'll check the TAGGED site you mentioned. Thanks.

Hmmm .... interesting to know that employers in your country are checking their employee on FB.
I though that it only happen here.
Thank you for sharing.

Wisata Murah said...

I kissed the issue has long been the case
then to avoid that is not good.
I now rarely online at the facebook

boyin said...

FB is already a free channel distribution to market any product from small to large scale of business. in this case, it used by prostitution business.

H. Nizam said...

@Wisata Murah,
Actually FB provide better things, than bad things. It depends on the user. In cases of children users, I think that its their parents' responsibility to make sure that their children are using FB and the internet for good purposes. Because it is the parents who gave them smart phones, laptop, etc.

As any other popular things in life, there will always be people who have bad intentions.
The most important is make others know about the bad things so that they would not become victims.

julicavero said...

i agree that FB is the most popular social network on this earth, but i think FB is the best place to many poeple met each other and then make a deal about price, place and etc. yeah everything about prostitution. that's terrible...

H. Nizam said...

Hi Julicavero,
Yes you are right that FB is good.
It is sad that some people wants to use it for their own interest.

Artikel Islami said...


hhmm sampai segitunya pemanfaatan facebook ya kawan..

Kira Permunian said...

Hi Nizam, thanks for bring this up. This is such a ridiculous thing about Facebook. It is really hard to impose proper monitoring on this site. I don't want to say this, but this thingy is uncontrollable. Maybe parents could do something with by having safety web measures on their online access or maybe a proper education will do.

This is really sad.

attayaya_lions said...

duuuuh facebook digunakan untuk kejahatan.
apapun yg baik jika digunakan salah, akan menjadi buruk

r10 said...

banyak penjahat yang mengincar "keluguan" anak muda (terutama putri)

mereka sangat mudah tertipu oleh profil seseorang di dunia maya, padahal bisa saja itu profil palsu

Luke said...

Hi Harry, Top news as ever.
I hope Indonesia starts to wake up to the fact that the internet is not actually a safe happy place to live, learn and make friends. Rather it is just like a social mirror, simply reflecting everything we know but choose to ignore in real life.
I try to organise seminars for parents and students on Internet safety but no-one wants to attend as they think bad things wont happen to them or their children.
FB is the current place for these kind of things, before that Myspace and so on... It will never stop.
The actual real people need to be caught and dealt with not the platform on which they work.

H. Nizam said...

@Artikel Islami,
Memang sedih hanya gara2 perbuatan segelintir orang, nama FB jadi terganggu.

@Kira Pemurnia,
You are right, parents should pay more attention to their children by controlling the use of internet.

Iya, segala suatu tergantung pada orang yang memakainya.

Sangat disayangkan ada orang yang memanfaatkan FB untuk kejahatan.

I am sad to hear that some parents do not think that social media like FB can be dangerous. Because as anything in life, there would always be good and bad.
I truly believe that FB has lots of good things than bad.
I posted this article to warn others about the possible danger.

Aulawi Ahmad said...

hmmm ya, that's all the risk of internet everything could be hopefully we are not influenced by that n can use the internet for positive activity

H. Nizam said...

Hi Aulawi,
Parents should pay more attention to their children not just when they are using the internet but also anywhere and everytime.