Thursday, November 4, 2010

Who must be blamed for Police Corruption ?

According to Wikipedia, Police corruption is a specific form of police misconduct designed to obtain financial benefits, other personal gain, and/or career advancement for a police officer or officers in exchange for not pursuing, or selectively pursuing, an investigation or arrest.

However, as many other things in life, Police Corruption can also be defined differently. Because like they use to say, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

In this regards, I would like to share with you an article in The Jakarta Globe about who must be blamed for Police Corruption. 

Indonesian Police General Blames Public for Corrupt Force
Ulma Haryanto & Antara | November 02, 2010

Comr. Gen. Nanan Sukarna, left, and antigraft official Muhammad Yasin after meeting to discuss corruption on the police force. (JG Photo/Afriadi Hikmal) 

 Jakarta. The public was to blame for corruption within the police force, Comr. Gen. Nanan Sukarna, head of the National Police General Supervision Inspectorate, said on Tuesday.


Luke said...

Hi Harry,
I think with the social and economic climate Indonesia police corruption is only a part of the issue in this country and whilst appalling it might not be the worst thing happening here.
I think we are all to blame for the corruption as we accept it. The President accepts it, the government accepts it, the police, the general population.
Actions speak louder than words but that bit never seems to happen

Ferdinand said...

klo yg korupsi polisi... aku gak ikutan ah.... pasti urusannya panjang tuh wkwkw...

ReBorn said...

if dealing with the police, in my opinion this is not corruption, but extortion. we will be given a bad service if we do not give more money.

colson said...

Time after time people in charge show they haven't the slightest idea how to tackle the corruption problem.

Of course the guy is right: police corruption can't occur if not within the context of a permissive society in terms of corruption. But it's a totally wrong reaction to put the blame elsewhere and everywhere if the survey deals with rot in "his" Police force.

Yari NK said...

Corrupt cops may come from the corrupt society! It is usually our will if we break the rules or the law we want to corrupt the law so we won't get punished for what we had misdone. If we look for who is to be blamed on police corruption we'll get nowhere and we are likely to point the finger at each other almost indefinitely. This task of restoring the police's credibility is everyone's task and should not be burdened on the govt's back alone. It is also our duty to some extent to uproot police corruption... but that's only for the initial point I know there will never be easy solution especially when we still play the role of our own pharisees...

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

kasus korupsi di negeri ini gag jelas hukumnya. ataupun jelas, hukumnya masih terlalu ringan. ,menurut sayaaa..:)

the dream catcher said...

does it really matter to pin point who is guilty and who is not? Why not trying to figure out waysss to handle the corruption?

H. Nizam said...


I hate to admit that you are right my friend. The facts you mentioned have been going many decades.
Before 1998, authoritarian regimes forbid people talking about bad conducts of state officials, the media was impotent.

After that everything became very transparent making everything, good and bad, can be seen freely.

Many improvements have been made e.g creation of KPK with super legal power to fight corruption, strong parliament, free media, and blogs.
With all that I am sure that we'll have a corruption free govt, of course we would have to go through a long and winding road.

Tidak apa-apa, terima kasih sudah mampir.

Extortion ? maybe some officials but definitely not as institution that is based on laws. Every society needs the police so as to live peacefully and happily.
Let's be positive and help the police improve by being positive and supportive to them.

I agree with you. There must be two parties in corruption i.e. one state official and a citizen who need license/permit/facility etc.
Both are cooperating with each other.

Although corruption is bad now but we have better laws, institutions for fighting it plus free news media etc. All of which is much better than before 1998.
Our duty as bloggers is to help monitor how everything is done.

Sebenarnya hukumnya jelas dengan kemungkinan hukum mati. Yang jadi masalah adalah pelaksanaannya yang masih lemah.

@Dream Catcher,
You are right the most important is to find best ways to fight corruption.

Utomo said...

It depends on the man behind the gun !

H. Nizam said...

Pak Utomo,
Men with authority would have the final decision, as long as they can maintain the trust of people. Otherwise. people would refuse to believe them and their words. In which case it would the people's voice and words that counts.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Funnily enough, I thought about posting on this. I might still get around to it.

Yep, it is the public's fault!

But, I guess the question is "what happens when one does not pay?"

H. Nizam said...

I agree with you that people should not pay "extra money" when dealing with the police.
In this case people must work together to demand good and quick services.
This may not work for some time, but if they persist I am sure they will prevail.