Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Brutality in Saudi Arabia

I believe that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that most Indonesian Muslims are familiarize with.

This is obvious because Saudi Arabia is the birth place of Islam which is the religion of the majority people in Indonesia.

Beside that, the Saudi Arabian city of Mecca with its Ka'bah Stone is a direction where Muslims around the world should face every time they pray.

Further, the Al-Qur'an which regulates the principles of Islam is written and must be read in Arabic.

Furthermore, every year more than 200 thousand Indonesian Muslims carried out their Hajj pilgrimage at the holy city of Mecca and vicinity.

Moreover, in the last few decades, Saudi Arabia has become the working place for around one million Indonesians who therefore sent Billions of U.S Dollars back home every year.

In spite of the above mentioned fact, relationship between Indonesia and Saudi Arabia is not always smooth.
Whereby, thousands of our citizens working in that country have been treated very badly, brutally tortured, raped and even murdered by their employers.

The latest victims were Kikim Komariah who was murdered by her employer who dumped her body in a garbage bin, and Sumiati who was brutally beaten and cut by her employer.

The worst thing was that the absolute monarchy that ruled Saudi Arabia has seemingly been insensitive to the sufferings caused by their citizens' brutal behaviors. Its Ambassador to Jakarta has asked our government not to over-react, and seemingly refuse to grant visa for our cabinet minister who was assigned to head a fact finding mission on the brutality and murder.

Considering the above, I hope that our government would do whatever it can to convince the Saudi Arabian government that the brutal torture and murder of our workers in their country are against universal human rights, and Islam of course, therefore should be investigated thoroughly and those responsible should be legally punished.

I also hope that our government would improve the quality of workers who will be send to Saudi Arabia and other countries, i.e. by making sure that they are given proper training i.e. foreign language and particular skills.
At present the Manpower Ministry only required a minimum training of 200 hours or 20 days, this is surely not enough, therefore they should be trained for at least 600 hours or 60 days.

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cicitHJHASSANu said...

salam tuan...

semangat perkauman arab yang sering memandang rendah pada bangsa lain terutama dari asia tenggara telah lama tersemat di dalam hati mereka...kerana mereka semakin jauh dengan Islam walaupun mereka berada di bumi para anbiya'.wallahua'lam.

dee said...

why? in the Saudi Land" our TKI/TKW gambling their life and future to acomplish high salary to be workers there?? it's definetely because of in our Country there is lack of job vacancies. Our Government should evaluate again to protecting TKI/TKW who works abroad and could looks to Filipina policy which can guarantee their workers, and giving HP/seluller handphone to TKI/TKW is not best solution.

Anonymous said...

Di negeri itu ternyata masih ada kebiadaban.rowlym

Anonymous said...

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run away from kuwait said...

My friend came from a place related to Saudi Arabia. All I gonna say is that, she had a terrible experience in the place. It made her think if they're humans. Yeeh, I know not all! But why?

aciid !!!!!! said...

stuju ma kk cicith :(

Berpikir positif said...

bukankah Islam telah membawa mereka kepada Cahaya namun mengapa mereka masih meniru perilaku nenek moyang mereka jaman Jahiliyah

alamendah said...

Perbuatan yang jahiliyyah banget. Tapi terlepas dari itu sepertinya negara kita musti mulai mempertimbangkan untuk tidak mengirimkan TKI yang sekedar buruh dan pembantu bukan saja ke Arab tapi ke mana saja.

H. Nizam said...

Perilaku mereka angat disesalkan sekali karena banyak dari kita yang menganggap orang Saudi tidak seperti itu.

Yes our govt should re-evaluate its policy regarding people working abroad and totally improve their qualities by drastically increasing the training of language and special skills.

Memang sangat menyedihkan sekali.

I wish that you have mentioned your name and site so that we can be friends.
Thank you for dropping by.

@Run Away from Kuwait,
Why? That's the question me and others have been asking.
Thank you for sharing your friend's
experience. I'll check your blog.

Ya keadaannya seprti disebut oleh rekan kita Cicit dari Malaysia.

@Berpikir Positif,
Seharusnya mereka bersyukur negaranya sangat dihargai oleh umat Islam didunia, dan diberi kekayaan minyak yang melimpah.

Masalahnya kalau dihentikan total pemerintah harus sediakan pekerjaan untuk satu juta pekerja yang pulang dari Saudi.
Dan kehilangan devisa.
Perlu jalan keluar yang lainnya.

the dream catcher said...

I think these people has been treated as if they are cattle sold from owner to owner. Therefore the buyer feel they have every right to do whatever they want as they have paid for the price.
The fact that these maid unable to speak English nor Arabic making it worse. And they have no training at all and nobody prepare them for the shock culture.
So many reasons, so many stories, so many things to be shared...and yet they are still continue to suffer.

Meutia Halida Khairani said...

let's rethink..
maybe because of the bad peoples before, Al-quran is written and must be read in Arab.
if there's no Al-Qur'an, we dunno how bad the people are..

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

Ironis. bukannya saling membela sesama ciptaan tuhan malah menyiksa..:(

Yari NK said...

Brutality and violence can take place at any country, no matter whether it is the place where a religion was born or the place where it encourages atheism or the like. In the cases that what had happened in Saudi Arabia, obviously this is a matter whereby a society regards domestic workers as their possession instead of individuals with all their rights. And this is worsened by the fact that our domestic workers usually do not realise the rights they have, and they are usually helpless and hapless when they are faced with arbitrary attitudes of their heartless, thoughtless Saudi masters.

The completion of a legal case no matter whether it will satisfy us or not will not stop similar cases from happening in the future. The rest of us, who live in a civilised world must drum the consciousness into the Saudis' heads that tortures and the like are not just barbaric, they are also against humanity! And the ones who commit such crimes cannot be classed as human!

islamic family law said...

Maybe they have returned to jahiliyah era..
I think it's better to stop sending TKI to Saudi Arabia. It's not only about protection of TKI, but Indonesia is a self-respecting nation.

ReBorn said...

the latest news, Sumiati's employer has been prosecuted. I think there are something wrong with the system where the protection of migrant workers are not fully carried out by government.

H. Nizam said...

@The Dream Catcher,
Yes they were like slaves sold by to the Arabs who felt that they can do whatever they want.
The govt should pay very serious attention.

@Meutia Halida Khairani,
I can't imagine how Saudi Arabia would be if Islam has not been born there.

Memang sangat ironis!

The saddest thing is that for the time being we can't withdraw our workers from other countries, or stop sending them, because we can't provide jobs for them here.
Because those workers have been providing us with Billions US$ every year.
So the govt should pay more serious attention on this matter by making sure that only those who can speak foreign language and have particular skills can be dispatched.
Our embassies/consulates should monitor and assist the workers.

@Islamic Family Law,
Let us hope that our country can provide jobs for our people so they don't have to work abroad.

H. Nizam said...

You are right.
Those workers have send back home billions of US$ every year so they must be well protected.

Anonymous said...

Oh ya, silakan tangapi konten (isi tulisan) blog sahaja menurut sobat! Makasih ya :D

colson said...

It is a crying shame. Rivers of tears have been cried and huge amounts more tears will fall, I'm afraid.

At home the only effective way to solve the problem is drastic reduction of poverty and employment. Better training facilities and active diplomacy are needed, but will remove the causes.

Abroad the hardest change is a cultural change - and no such change to a humanistic civilization will take place in Saudi Arabia in the foreseeable future.

It is a human tragedy.

H. Nizam said...

Baik nanti saya mampir.


The best thing would be to withdraw all our workers abroad and stop new workers.

But this is impossible at this moment because it means we have to provide jobs for 4-5 mio people now working abroad, and many more others in Indonesia.

So what should be done now is drastic improvement of trainings of language and other skills.
Moreover our govt should make agreement with govt of Saudi and others, which protect the rights of our workers.

June_Butterfly said...

This is truly sad.Especially for the family of the victims.They bear the pain of being apart to their family to upgrade their way of living.Who would guess they would be brutally treated by those people they serve and who they trust appreciate the efforts they make.

The Indonesian govt.truly owe these people their utmost loyalty and sympathy.And the Saudi Arabian govt.owe these people justice!

I know it'S hard for you to write about these kind of stuffs,Harry.But it does serve as eye opener to many people.Thanks for posting.

H. Nizam said...

Hi June,

Yes it is very sad what happened to those poor women workers.
Our govt is now paying more serious attention on this matter, thank God.
Hopefully the Saudi govt would be kind enough to cooperate handling of this matter and provide protection to our other workers there.

boyin said...

if you're poor sometimes it's hard to make a choice even there's always have a choice. It's also same thing happened to our country Indonesia, we're poor and was not able to supply the job to the public and really count the billion dollar forex from our TKI.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Boyin,
You are right, but actually our country could have done a lot much better than today, i.e. if there is no corruption, no abuse of power, nondisciplinary actions.
But let us hope that things will improve soon.