Friday, November 5, 2010

Prospective Leader : Jokowi

With a total population 238 million people, Indonesia has lots of men and women who are young, capable and eligible to lead the country at the national and regional levels.

One of them is Joko Widodo (49) a.k.a Jokowi, the Mayor of the city of Solo, Central Java for two office terms (2005-2010 and 2010-2015).

Please find below an article about Jokowi written by a Jakarta based Public Relation Consultant Unspun, whose company organized Pesta Blogger 2010, on his blog

Water lilies, Joko Wi and Indonesian corruption                        

November 4th, 2010 § 1 Comment

What Unspun loves about living in Indonesia is that every once in a while, amid all the muck, detritus of corruption, indecision and self interest there will emerge something wonderful, like a water lily flower blooming resplendent even though it emerged from the mud.

Last night was such an occasion. It was Pecha Kucha Night, the seventh that Maverick has organized and it had a star studded list of speakers that included film director and Indonesia’s most influential Twitterer Joko Anwar, iconoclast Pragiwaksono, “Bapak Blogger” Enda Nasution was Joko Widodo, more commonly known as Joko Wi, the legendary mayor of Solo.

Joko Wi has become a legend in Indonesia because he has shown what one man with integrity and political will can do for a city and, by extension, the country. Last night he shared with the audience of about 250 people who gathered at  Es Teler 77 Resto on Aditywarman what he’s been able to achieve in Solo.


NENSA MOON said...

I'm glad to hear there's still a prospective leader like JOkowi...
Thanks for sharing nice info!


Wind said...

Thanks for info!
Have a great weekend , my friend!
Best regards from Romania!

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

perlu lebih banyak lagi sosok kayak beliau

colson said...

Just great.

And of course there are thousands, hundreds of thousands actually, of other talented men and women who can think clearly and execute clearly.

We can hope more of them will be willing to follow the lead of Joko Widodo and also dedicated their talents to administrate their community, their district, their country.

dee said...

Pak Jokowi memang patut dicontoh:D beliau mampu mewujudkan tatakota modern yang rapi, bersih, dan tidak meninggalkan unsur2 tradisional.. sangat tertata apik dan excelent! Thanks for share Multibrand.. success always 4u

cucuharis said...

Salut Puat Pak Joko
Moga semakin banyak sosok seperti ini, bahkan jauh lebih bijak :)

H. Nizam said...

Let us hope that there are many other good leaders in Indonesia.

Thank you for coming all the way from Rumania.

Mudah2-an demikian.

It's great indeed. We hope that there will be much more good leaders.

Semoga banyak pimpinan di Indonesia
yang seperti dia.


the dream catcher said...

let us hope there will be more out there...

H. Nizam said...

@The Dream Catcher,
Let us hope so, we really need good and smart leaders.

Joni Arief said...


An interesting post about a politician, that makes me want to ask you and/or Unspun :
Are you promoting him?
Are you a member of his party = PDIP?
Isn't it too early for campaign?

I asked these questions because you mentioned that Unspun is a p.r consultant.crenes

H. Nizam said...

Hi Joni,
Good to see you again.

As a citizen I want Indonesia to be a lot much better than it is now, we badly need lots of better leaders.

In my search for such leaders I have written about Mahfud MD chief of the Constitutional Court, and Firmanzah, the 33 years old dead of economic faculty of U.I.
And now about Jokowi.

Here is my reply to your question:
1) I am not promoting anyone
2) I am not a member of Jokowi's
party: PDIP.
I don't know about Unspun, but I think he is no different. But let's hope he can reply.