Monday, November 15, 2010

Invisible Gayus

Gayus Tambunan, a Defendant in the Tax Mafia case at the District Court of South Jakarta, finally admitted today that he was the man wearing wig and eyeglass watching an international tennis tournament in Bali

Gayus made the confession to reporters after the court trial session. He said that he went to Bali on 4 November stayed at the Westin Hotel and watched international tennis tournament on 5th and 6th. The Police took him back to detention on 7 November.

During the trial, Gayus has tearfully told the judge that we was very stressed detained at the headquarters of the Police Mobile Brigade since last July, therefore has has been asking for leaves like the other detainees.

According to reports, since he was detained Gayus has left 68 times. That was possible because he bribed the warden with 368 Million Rupiah. Besides, he has also paid One and a Half Million Rupiah per Week. Because of this, the Police have arrested nine officers responsible for his detention.
The above clearly shows that our country's detention and prison system is very bad whereby detainees who have lots of money can do things they want to do.

Due to which fact, I hope that the government and the Parliament would set up an independent body to investigate this case thoroughly, including who arrange Gayus' trip to Bali, what did he do and who did he met there.This must be done considering that Gayus was indicted for his involvement in the Tax Mafia cases where he has helped certain businessmen in Tax Crime.

For the purpose of this investigation, it would be best if Gayus is not given access to his money and/or meet people, thus should be isolated.

Sources :
- Bali Mystery Man Was Me' Says Gayus (The Jakarta Globe)
- Warden says Gayus had 68 times since July (The Jakarta Post)

Image:  Courtesy of Flickr


Nice Veloso said...

Hello my friend! I hope everything works out for your country. A wonderful week for you.

H. Nizam said...

Nice Veloso,
Hi, I am glad to see you again.
Thank you for dropping by.

ReBorn said...

I agree when I heard the news of Gayus will work together to reveal the upper class criminals who also could walk out of prison. it is true, full isolation should be applied to criminals corrupt.

aciid !!!!!! said...

hi hi hi alll

colson said...

Appalling! I of course knew about the hilarious imprisonments of Tommy Suharto. But this beats all. It's even much worse than I could imagine. It makes the detention system really look farcical.

Yari NK said...

I'm sick of watching Gayus the taxman on TV. If only there is a psychopathic axman somewhere in the prison we can put the taxman and the axman together in a cell!

sawali tuhusetya said...

hmm ... saya makin ndak mudheng cara kerja aparat penegak hukum kita, mas. kok bisa2nya dikebiri hanya oleh seorang gayus. mungkin ada benarnya kalau perlu ada upaya serius utk memiskinkan dia dan keluarganya utk memberikan efek jera.

Saung Web said...

Not Invisible.. it's realy... he is enjoy in Bali.. happy Idul Adha bos.. maaf lahir n batin

dee said...

hmmm Gayus is smart to manipulate hehee... invisible Gayus! Nice post Harry Nizam! Happy Ied Al Adha Mubarak:D

H. Nizam said...

Some people even suggested that Gayus should be "made poor" (?) maybe what they meant is that he should not have access to money.

Hi to you too ...

This humiliating case severely destroyed our legal system, especially if we compare with the defendants of minor crimes like the old lady who took cacao buts or Prita, etc.

Our criminal legal system adopt the principle of presumption of innocence therefore a person can only be guilty if there is a firm court verdict that say so.

Bisa saja Gayus dan keluarganya dibuat miskin asalkan ada putusan pengadilan yang berkekuatan tetap yang memutuskan demikian.
NB: asas praduga tak bersalah.

@Saung Web,
Yes Gayus' case is real threat to our legal system.
Happy Idul Adha, Mohon Maaf Lahir Bathin.

Let us hope that our government and its law enforcement agencies would be far more stronger in facing people like Gayus.
Happy Idul Adha, Eid Mubarak.

the dream catcher said...

and his lawyer said he was going to quit if Gayus really did go to Bali... And surprise, surprise... he did not quit...

Ah, I hope they get this matter over with fast... All of them wasting more money from us tax payer...:(

H. Nizam said...

Hi Ria/Dream Catcher,
The lawyer would not want to quit because Gayus has lots of money.

But Gayus getting out of detention just to watch tennis in Bali is strange, wearing strange wig and easily exposed.

I watched talk show on TV tonight i.e Jakarta Lawyers Club, where some speakers mentioned that this could be part of character assassination in connection with the election in 2014.

boyin said...

Gayus had magnet that make me always update about his case on the internet. actually i quite rare to watch something that contains so much negative atmosphere such as corruption case.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Boyin,

Gayus' case is extraordinary, because as Tax man who just started carrier for few years (level 3A) he has been able to accumulate lots of money from around 40 Tax crimes he allegedly helped. With that he can pay lots of people including those who have power.