Monday, November 22, 2010

Beach Volleyball: Indonesia vs Yemen

During the Asian Games Men's Beach Volleyball match in Guangzhou-China last Tuesday, the Indonesian team has beaten the Yemeni Team.

The funny thing was that the Yemeni team has blamed their lost on the Bikini-clad cheerleaders who have been entertaining during breaks.


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Indonesia vs. Yemen: Beach Volleyball & Cheer Squads...


Yemen played Indonesia in the beach volleyball tournament at the Asian Games being held in China. Yemen lost. However, what makes this story interesting and fun is the reason Yemen lost. According to the Yemenis, they lost the match because the bikini wearing cheer squads that jump out and then jump around during the breaks in the volleyball action were too distracting.

It is a pretty good excuse when you think about it. I am guessing that the young men from Yemen do not get a lot of scantily clad bikini cheer squads at their local tournaments. In contrast, Indonesia has no trouble at all in cobbling together a few sexy bikini wearing women to wow their local crowds.

Or maybe, the Yemenis were just beaten by a better and more skillful pairing from Indonesia.

In any event, they are there to play volleyball and not be distracted by the women, aren't they?


dee said...

Such funny and interesting volley beach between Indonesia and Yemen:D Go Indonesia! better achievements in Guangzhou China seagames 2010 this year, Kido and Hendra won gold Medal in double's men badminton:D Go Go Glory Indonesia!

Luke said...

I think I would find the cheerleaders far more distracting as well looking at that photograph and if Indonesia wins as well then well done.
Maybe there should be bikini cheerleading competitions, that sounds like a great idea!!!

Luke said...

See how clever they are, I am totally distracted to really care about Indonesia's achievements at the game

Yari NK said...

Well... let's see... ehm... according to the Indonesian officials, the Indonesians are distracted too yet Indonesia won! So the excuse is lame, it's fabricated by the Yemenis to defend their defeat.. ;)

ReBorn said...

good, it means now we have to know the weaknesses of the opponents before the competition start. ghahaha.

Jolly Princess said...

(lol) This is funny excuse to lose a game. So, you guys know what to do the next time you get to play with Yemen. :) Congrats to the Indonesian team!

H. Nizam said...

Funny and interesting game indeed.
Let's hope that Indonesia will more medals this time.

The bikini-clad cheerleaders only show up during breaks, not during the play. Therefore actually they should not be direct distraction, indirect perhaps.

A bikini cheer leading competition would be great! ha ha ha ...

Yeah, the Yemenis are only looking for an excuse for their defeat.

Yes, next time we want to compete with them we should prepare some sexy cheerleaders.

You are right, now we know their weakness. We must make sure to use it whenever we want to compete with them again.

colson said...

Aha. Here it is. The revelation of Indonesia's secret weapon in sports.. And of gorgeous curves. It's not just Yemenis, they also distract me.

berpikir positif said...

bravo Indonesia, Yemen never beat indonesia in beach volley with cheerleaders or without cheerleaders

foto Pinrang said...

thanks for visit my Wordpres. I think it just a reason for defend theirself from yemen public

waroeng ubuntu said...

he he sepertinya orang yaman jarang lihat wanita berbikini, beda dgn orang indonesia yg tampaknya sudah terbiasa >,<'

oke blognya saya follow balik (r10)

waroeng ubuntu said...

ralat ternyata di google friend connect, nickname aku rio2000

H. Nizam said...

Now you know that our secret weapon has been revealed.
Frankly speaking, I will also be distracted too, he he he ...

@Berpikir Positif,
You are right, Indonesia defeated Yemen not because of the sexy cheerleaders who only entertain audience during breaks.

@Foto Pinrang,
Yeah the Yemeni team are only looking for excuse for their defeat

@Waroeng Ubuntu,
Tepat sekali, mungkin karena di Yemen wanita selalu berpakaian tertutup rapat, sehingga begitu melihat cheerleaders berbikini mereka pusing tujuh keliling.
Terima kasih anda telah follow balik blog saya.

jersuji said...

Are they Chinese cheering squad ?
They are so hot !
I ought to see the next beach volley ball game because I want to see that girls.
Go, Indonesia ! and Go, Korea !

the dream catcher said...

If you are simply good, no matter the distraction is you can still win the competition...

Furree Katt said...

something like this happened in the IPL (Indian Premier League) Cricket Tournament! a lot of teams were getting distracted due to the scantily clad cheerleaders. it became quite a huge controversy, and even TV channels started showing more footage of the cheerleading than the actual match :P
Cheerleading is banned in a few cricket stadiums now, i think its great, since people can enjoy a good game of cricket rather than getting uncomfortable watching vulgar dances appearing every two minutes on screen.

i think the Yemeni are just making up this excuse though, because if it was the truth then the Indonesian team would have gotten distracted and played badly as well, right?

aciid !!!!!! said...

wah :D
anak dbwah umur g bole nnton fotona tuh :p

hybrid cars said...

Bagaimana kalau di Indonesia cheer leader-nya seperti itu ya? pasti sudah "digrudug".

H. Nizam said...

Yes they are Chinese cheering squad entertaining the audience during breaks.

@Ria/The Dream Catcher,
You are very right, if you are really good you would not be distracted by sexy girl who tempted you before you play.

@Furree Katt,
Those sexy girls were only played during breaks not during match, so it should distract players.
May its because females in Yemen always wear dresses that cover all their body, so when they saw hot bikini girls before the play their minds were distracted.
While in Indonesia females dressed normally, so their team were not effected.

Wanita cheer leaders itu pakai bikini untuk menghibur penonton bola voli pantai pada saat jeda pertandingan.

@Hybrid Cars,
Tiap negara punya kebiasaan khas.

boyin said...

Numpang info, semalam lebih dari 340 orang tewas dalam tragedi jembatan di diamond island kamboja, mohon doakan semoga tidak ada orang indonesia didalamnya. info lebih lanjut ada di blog saya.

H. Nizam said...

Hi Boying,
Terima kasih atas informasinya.
Sedih sekali mendengar beritanya. Mudah2-an tidak ada orang Indonesia yang menjadi korban.
Saya akan cek di blog anda.

Indri said...

hehehe alesan deh itu orang Yemen-nya :D
Good for Indonesia then :D

TUKANG CoLoNG said...

makin seger dah pemainnya liat yg di foto itu..:q

H. Nizam said...

Iya, ada2 saja cari alasan tidak mau mngakui kekalahannya.

Bagi pemain Indonesia dihibur cheerleaders sexy malah semakin tinggi semangatnya.

Passionate Blogger said...

Hahahaha.....! I thought they were belly dancers! Any normal men would be affected - excited or disgusted - doesn't matter. Cobaan.... a test. So now we know who passed the test.

H. Nizam said...

Ismail/Passionate Blogger,
Yes normal men would be affected by those sexy girls. They are some sort of "cobaan".

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

Thanks for sharing this link. You have received far more comments on it than I did at my my place ;)

It is an interesting tid bit of news. It is seemingly unimportant in the big scheme of things. It is even funny.

Who would have thought that the 'perfect' excuse for failing to win a beach volleyball game would be..."Sorry, I was distracted by the bikini babes and could not concentrate on the game".

Truth be told, the girls were an official distraction during breaks in the game. Apparently, distractions such as these are pretty much standard throughout the world at beach volleyball competitions.

Let's face it, Yemen were beaten by a better team on the day. Sadly, the Yemenis could not accept the defeat and sort to blame the bikinis...

Ho hum.

Rob Baiton said...

@ Harry...

On a slightly different note.

Let's assume that the Yemenis were legitimately distracted. If this is the case, then it says something about the community in which they live, doesn't it?

I am not passing comment on the +ves or -ves of whether women can or cannot wear bikinis in Yemen or what constitutes modesty.

I am going to suggest though that bikini-wearing women are something the Yemenis are going to have to get used to if they want to get further along in beach volleyball competitions.

I am tempted to rant and rail about other possible interpretations, but this is your home. If anyone is interested in my rants and rails then they can come visit me in my house :)

H. Nizam said...

Hi Rob,

Thank you very much for letting me share your writing on my blog.

This matter is very interesting which can be seen from the many comments.

Maybe because it is about sport tournament whereby in general participants are expected to compete not merely to be the winner but also to accept the possibility being a loser.

Saung Web said...

Wiiw cheer leadernya mantaap nih.. bteh deh lihatnya.. haha

Saung Web said...

Wiiw cheer leadernya mantaap nih.. bteh deh lihatnya.. haha

H. Nizam said...

Saung Web,
Memang penampilan mereka menggoda.