Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gayus the Taxman

Gayus Tambunan, the Taxman (picture: Left) has been detained by the Police for alleged Corruption and Bribery charges now being tried at the District Court of South Jakarta.

Gayus has been detained by the National Police at the headquarters of the Police' Mobile Brigade, but the news media reported recently that a man who looks like Gayus (picture: Right) appeared at an International Tennis Tournament in the island of Bali.

Due to this report, the Police has investigated and arrested nine Police officers responsible for Gayus' detention at the headquarters of the Police's Mobile Brigate in Jakarta.

Photo:  Courtesy of Kompas.


Saung Web said...

Wows.. it's like my post..
Now..the Police has investigated and 9 Police officers responsible for it. puas dah..

Link Tea said...'s true
Wows.. it's like my post..
Now..the Police has investigated and 9 Police officers responsible for it. puas dah..

H. Nizam said...

@Saung Web,
Yes we have written the same very hot (and shameful) topic today.
Let us hope that this case will be investigated thoroughly and those responsible would be punished.

Saung Web said...

yes .. that's one .. of law in our country face

H. Nizam said...

@Link Tea,
Yeah, my topic is the as yours too, that's because this is a very hot topic nowadays. People are talking about it on radio, TV, newspapers,
twitters, FB, etc.

H. Nizam said...

Saung Web,
We are a big country but our law enforcement cannot keep a crime suspect in jail. That's very sad.

ReBorn said...

I also had time to write this story. I think this is a challenge for the new police chief. is it very difficult to keep one man who armed only with money?

dee said...

He is so smart to manipulate:P wow.. if that reall is Gayus Tambunan that mean there must a consequency to those who let him out from the prison:P

cucuharis said...

Gayus oh Gayus :)

H. Nizam said...

Let us hope that the new police chief would immediately settle this case, otherwise it would give a very bad impression on the police.

Right now nine police officers responsible for the jail are being investigated. Hopefully everyone involved in the case would be punished according to the law.

Gayus seemingly "very strong" that he can leave jail and go to Bali.

Seiri Hanako said...

what a secure n freely prison in Indonesia..

make me sick

Big Bear's Wife said...

Hi Nizam

hope they're nipping the
ikan BESAR, and not the
ikan BILIS like it's
always the case.

Sometimes, it's just a
facade by the anti corruption
people to show how "good" they
are at the job, when in fact
the real fishes are lurking
around the corner...possibly
laughing all the way to the

I'm not only commenting on
your country alone, but also
my homeland, where politicians
are becoming more brazen everyday
because they have connections
with the anti corruption people.
( Ironically anti corruption
people are also CORRUPT !) Same
goes to the judges...

Actually i admire the judiciary
in Taiwan, where even the ex-
president can be brought to
justice for corruption. Nobody
should be above the matter
how popular is he with the public.

Sad that most ASEAN countries
(with the exception of Singapore)
tolerate "a bit" corruption

With this kind of attitude, these
selfish bozos will continue
"raping the country" bare.

Benci !

colson said...

I read in the comments it is a hot topic. But we still don't know for sure if he is the man in the picture or if he is a lookalike, do we?

H. Nizam said...

This very ugly thing is making so many people in Indonesia very sick.

@Big Bear's Wife,
I like the way you say it.
Yes, beside taking the small bad guys the should also get the big ones.
It is very sad to know that most Asean countries seemingly tolerate corruption a bit like you said.
Let us hope that the condition would improve, perhaps by having a joint effort to fight corruption.

Although it is still not sure that the guy in Bali is Gayus, but there are reports that Gayus and other suspects have been enjoying privileges to leave jail by paying money, and 9 officers responsible for Gayus' detention have been arrested by the police.
Of course in order to know for sure we will have to wait for the results of police investigations.

wardi said...

gayus is low frofil man

Bali Deals said...

I met him in nus dua in the day he captured by the press

H. Nizam said...

Gayus is a low profile man ? maybe because he is just low level taxman.

@Bali Deals,
You met Gayus in Bali? WOW! I'd like to know your story.

ibnumuksin said...

gayus is badman. sport my blog

H. Nizam said...

He is a badman indeed.

cintapuguh said...

Gayus benar2 luar biasa, licin seperti belut .. saatnya hukum ditegakkan setegak2nya .. terutama kpd para aparat yg menerima suap ..

H. Nizam said...

Anda benar Gayus luar biasa jahat, menggunakan uang untuk memperdayai petugas rumah tahanan dan pejabat negara lainnya.

Senja said...

hebatttt,.....dgn uang smua bisa di atur, ckckckck.....

*gayus memalukan, dia pikir wig nya bagus ? :p *

H. Nizam said...

Iya hebat sekali, ditengah gencarnya upaya penegakkan hukum, hal seperti ini bisa terjadi. Uang memang berkuasa.
Wig Gayus: ha ha ha ...

the dream catcher said...

the most boring case EVER! He probably will get 2 years sentence and just walk away... He does not seem to care. I have never seen him bowed his head in embarrassment

H. Nizam said...

Dream Catcher,
He has reasons not to be ashamed of what he did because he thinks that he can buy anything/anyone.
But let's hope that law enforcement would improve.