Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Wives Competing for Husband's Office

On 19 August 2010, Soetrisno i.e. the Regent of Kediri, East Java, will end his office term, therefore a regional election for a new Regent should be held before that date.

Soetrisno does not seem to be interested to be elected for a second term. Maybe that's the reason why his two wives are very eager to nominate themselves as candidate Regent in the election.

Soetrisno's first wife is his legitimate wife, i.e. Haryatie a Medical Doctor (Picture-Left), supported by the opposition PDIP and Golkar. While his second wife is his illegitimate wife that he married based on the Islamic law only (Siri Marriage) but not registered on the official registry i.e. Nurlaela (Picture-Right) who has been the Chief of a Village of Wates for 24 years, and supported by PAN which is part of ruling coalition.

For detailed news reports (in Indonesian), please click here and here.

Considering the above and the fact that both ladies are supported by different political parties, it would be very interesting to know further news regarding their rivalry.

Photo :  Courtesy of Detik.


umihoney said...

Wow, sure is interesting.Which wife will he support..the winner of course LOL..joke..love to know more of this hehehe

colson said...

Mindboggling. Would be funny if it wouldn't be bizarre.

H. Nizam said...

Yeah, for me Polygamy, especially when there is Siri, is always funny.
And this case its a lot much funnier.

It's is very funny indeed.

indonesian law said...

It's one of consequences of polygamy.Must fair. 1st wife is candidate for regent, so is 2nd wife. But election rule permit him to choose 'only one'.

H. Nizam said...

Indonesian Law,
Thank you for your visit and comment.
It would be interesting to know the further development of this matter.