Saturday, March 6, 2010

President SBY's Positive Speech

Last Thursday, President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono (SBY) delivered a speech to comment the House of Representative's plenary last Wednesday which decided that the Bank Century Bailout was illegitimate.

SBY defended former Governor of the central bank and current Vice President Boediono and Finance Minister Sri Mulyani who were accused by the House responsible for the bailout, and called them as the best people to hold such positions with good track record.

Further, SBY said that he supported the decisions made by both top officials, and said that public policy cannot be prosecuted.

Furthermore, SBY said that the ruling coalition will carry on in spite of the fact that three members of the coalition i.e. Golkar, PKS and PPP, have voted against the Bank Century Bailout, therefore contradictory to the decision of SBY's Democrat Party which voted in favor of the Bailout. He said the most important thing is what is best for the people and country.

For detailed media reports, please click here and here.

Some points in SBY's above speech are debatable, for example about the timing of the speech, if it has been delivered prior to the House's Chaotic plenary, it could have reduced the tensions.
Also about his statement about Policies cannot be prosecuted, contradictory to reality whereby in the past there were officials prosecuted and imprisoned for their policies. For example a Director General at the Department of Laws punished by the court for the issuing and implementing Department's Online System,  and also former Consul General in Kota Kinabalu for issuing and implementing policies regarding Visa fees.

But overall, SBY's above speech, which did not criticize his rebelling allies, is positive for  the Social, Politic and Economic stability in Indonesia. That way we can concentrate on other matters which are not less important than the Bank Century case, such as implementation of the China-Asean FTA.


colson said...

I'm glad SBY put his weight behond the pillars of his government.

Yet he and political Indonesia at large is an enigma to me.

Just imagine....:

The overwhelming majority of MPs have been shouting innuendo and accusations for over half a year, culminating in officially stating the VP and minister of Fianace have been involved in criminal acts. Then the President concludes the VP and minister didn't do anything wrong - and if they did it wouldn't matter- and that it's time now to carry on with the coalition as if nothing has happened -and the fact three coalition partners voted against the VP and minister was an incident which doesn't matter either.

Where is such a scenario possible? In Indonesia.

Indonesia is an enigma.

H. Nizam said...

Although SBY said that Boediono
and Sri Mulyani are not wrong but he did not prevent KPK from investigating this case, including on both officials. And the investigation is still going on.
This is obvious, because it is the law enforcement agency who are eligible investigate whether or not someone has violated the law. The House in not eligible to do that. So, in order to know what's the outcome of this case, we'll have to wait until the KPK completed investigation.

david said...

if i say "Indonesia is going to die.."
do you agree? =)

anyway thanx for your respond in grup..

(sorry if my grammar is bad)

H. Nizam said...

Indonesia is not going to die friend. Every independent country would always have challenges to be faced.
Actually what Indonesia has been doing quite well in terms of economic growth compared to many other countries.

We must always KEEP THE FAITH!