Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tax Report Submission

The end of March is the deadline for submitting annual tax report with the local Tax Office, and many people including me, would usually wait until the last day to do it. Here are the details about it that I have quoted from The Jakarta Globe.

 A tax office employee stamping tax forms at a drop box in Jakarta. Taxpayers are required to file by  March 31. (Antara Photo)

Indonesia's Tax Deadline Looms

Indonesian taxpayers have until March 31 to fill out their annual tax declaration or SPT. Here are some tips:

You can download an SPT at the Directorate General of Taxes website,, or pick it up at your local tax office.

There are three kinds of forms:

1.SPT PPh 1770: for taxpayers who have their own business.
2.SPT PPh 1770 S: for taxpayers who work as a company employee with an annual salary above Rp 60 million (about $6600).
3.SPT PPh 1770 SS: for taxpayers who work for individuals or informal businesses.

If you have any questions when filling out your form, you can seek help at the Tax Office where you are registered or at the tax stations or mobile tax facilities available in many office buildings and shopping malls.

The SPT must be printed on size F4 paper (8.5 X 13 inches). The form must not be folded or wrinkled. It must be signed or it will be considered invalid. You can fill out the form by hand or on a computer.

You can file your taxes directly to the local Tax Office or in numerous other places such as Tax Corners, Mobile Tax facilities, Drop Boxes and post offices. You will receive a receipt which you must keep.

Taxpayers who miss the deadline and fail to file for an extension face a fine of Rp 100,000 (about $11).


Saung Web said...

Hi friend.. your award has been post . thanks n sorry telaaat hehe

senja said...

haii,..menyapa sahabat di pagi hari sebelum beraktifitas,have a great day... ^^

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Thats the same as ours here in NZ.


H. Nizam said...

@Saung Web,

Thanks a lot my friend, means a lot to me.

Terima kasih sahabat, have a wonderful day.

Glad to know that, thanks.

umihoney said...

LOL Nizam..last minute eh..sounds familiar..imagine the last minute rush..I have to stop doing that too hehehe

colson said...

Aha, Great. Taxes.

It is about the same here. I wonder how much income-tax Indonesians have to pay yearly.

This is what awaits me:

up to € 18.218 eranings in 2009: 33,45%;
next € 18.219 t/m € 32.738: 41,95%
next € 32.739 t/m € 54.367 42,00%
and the rest, over € 54.368: 52,00%.

Gwei Mui said...

The dreaded Tax Return in the UK it's the end of January if you file your return on line. I've been through hell and back ( Finally managed to get it sorted they owe me money not the other way around! Good luck on filing your return

H. Nizam said...

Yeah it's a bad habit that must be stopped. But can't helped it, LOL.

The reason why I submit the report late because I have to confirm and reconfirm the calculations first.

@Gwei Mui,
Glad to hear that now you have filed your tax report. Wish me luck okay?

Ian said...

Nice, Indonesia will soon have an integrated database for all this things, and the processes are getting better and more organized. It's a loooong way to go. Wait till tax return is fully enforced like here in the U.S.

H. Nizam said...

Your are right. I am sure we will, we should always be positive.