Saturday, March 20, 2010

Volcanic Alert Status

Indonesia consists of more than 17,000 islands, some of which have volcanic mountains.

According to Kompas, 17 of 18 volcanic mountains have been declared by the Indonesian Geological Agency as on Alert Status (Level II). 

Among those mountains are Bromo Mountain, Anak Krakatoa, Batur, Kaba, Semeru, Slamet, Sangeang Api, Rinjani Rokatenda, Soputan, Dukono, Lokon, Gamalama, Papandayan, and Kerinci.
Considering the above alert status, visitors are warned not to come within one kilometers from their craters due to the dangerous toxic gas emission.

Photo:  Mt. Bromo with Mt Semeru (East Java) on the background, courtesy of Kompas.


anang_taz said...

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Edwin's Personal Blog said...

active volcanic mounts are abundant in our country. let's take good care of them, don't make no destruction... or they'll destroy anything...

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H. Nizam said...

Thanks, I already followed your blog
let's keep in touch, okay?

You are right, if we don't take care of the volcanic mountains they will destroy our surroundings.

Thank you for your information.
I'll chek it later.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

You are covered in volcanoes as a country. We have a lot in NZ, though most are inactive. We have many earthquakes in NZ.

MaksiTaksi said...

Glad I don't live near a vulcano. It would scare me. :) But here in my country we live below sealevel. Maybe thats scare other people too. :)

Take care!

H. Nizam said...

We have big & active volcanic mountains here.
I read and heard that in NZ you have been utilizing power from vocanic activities (e.g geysers) for the benefit of humans. That great.

H. Nizam said...

I think that every country has its own natural plus-minus.