Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Surabaya banned Gays and Lesbians Conference

The municipality of Surabaya, East Java, has banned an international Gays and Lesbians conference which    is scheduled to be held on 26-28 March 2010. Please find below an article in Kompas for reference.
I hope that the decision has bee informed to the conference organizer much earlier so that they can find alternative place for the event.
Int'l Gays and Lesbians Banned from Flocking to Surabaya
Rabu, 24 Maret 2010 | 14:00 WIB
SURABAYA, — Surabaya deputy mayor Arif Affandi has banned the international  gay-lesbian conference from being held in Surabaya on March 26-28, 2010. The committee of the conference will have to find a new city for its venue.

Arif stated that the rejection can't be categorized as antidemocratic or against human rights. Democracy and human rights must also mind socio-cultural conditions.

"I don't think Surabaya is suitable for such an international seminar or conference," he said in Surabaya, Wednesday. But the Surabaya government can't declare an official statement on the issue. The permit is entirely up to the police.

"Because it has an international scale, so the permit must come from the police HQ by recommendation of the regional and district police. But I heard that the Surabaya chief police has also denied the permit with the reason that it has a potential to disturb law and order."

The gay-lesbian conference was scheduled for this weekend in Surabaya, and to be attended by 200 people from various countries. (RAZ/C17-09)


katy said...

Is this true? indeed there are places in this world who still are conservative in terms like this.

H. Nizam said...

Yes it is very true my friend.

ellen said...

Thank for leaving a message at Blog Catalog, I have to compliment you with your blog. The articles are nice to read and very informative. Good job!


colson said...

In my opinion it's a momentous let-down.It doesn't do honour to the city. And neither to the country.On the contrary.

(Dogmatic) religious morals and (deviant) sexuality - it apparently is an inconvenient couple.

buditech said...

I read it in local newspaper, both should be wish about this issue

Yari NK said...

I don't think it is the wisest way to ban a gay and lesbian conference. They just want a conference and that's it. It is just another conference like any others and they deserve their rights to have one.

But the gays and the lezzes MUST also stick to their initial plans and do not have any vested interests, they must not turn the conference into extravagant orgy or the like. The gays and the lezzes, in short, must also respect the local's values.

Each side must be aware of where they stand, and respects must come both ways equally!

Yari NK said...

I believe I left a comment here! But it is nowhere to be seen! Is it in process of moderation?

Yari NK said...

Oh... I see my both comments now! Aah... It takes a while before it appears! So, forget the latter comment! :)

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your visit and comment.
I'll check your blog.

I agree that this sudden ban would not be good for the city and the country.
I think such decision is made in connection with the regional elections that will be held this year and next year. Politicians who run the city try to please religious groups and the society, so that they can be re-elected.

If the city govt. want to refuse, they should tell the organizer long before, not just 2 days before the conference begin.

Thank you for the three comments.
I agree that the gays and lesbians should also pay very careful attention on the feelings of the general public, but the city govt. and police, should be wise enough to inform the organizers about their refusal long before the date of the conference so that they have time to re-arrange.

umihoney said...

Agree that they should be informed sooner.The lateness could be due to red tape,so many agencies are involved even though it appeared as though it was the police decision.

H. Nizam said...

Yes, too many parties involved.
This is obvious because it is a very sensitive matters.

June_Butterfly said...

Totally unfair and sad!

I guess the world is still not completely ready to give full consideration to the fact that there are other sexes than just male and female!And that Gays and Lesbians deserve to be given the consideration they deserve.

Abinding the rules should start with the authorities itself.

H. Nizam said...

Sad and unfair that the authority's decision was made and informed in the last minute before the contest date, making impossible for the organizer to make re-arrangements.

Anonymous said...

Good maybe that will show those people God doesn't want men and women to marry the same sex.

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your comment although I would prefer if you mention your name so that we can be friends.
Although I also believe that men and women should marry the same sex, but in a democratic society people has the right to live as they see fit, as long as they do not violate the laws, religions, traditions.

Anonymous said...