Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bank Century Bailout - Final

After two days of meetings, members of the House of Representatives decided that the Bank Century Bailout on November 2008 which cost 6,7 Trillion Rupiah of taxpayer's money was illegitimate.

During last night's meeting, 325 members belonging to six political parties, i.e Golkar, PDIP, PKS, PPP, Gerindra and Hanura, voted against the Bailout. And 212 members belonging to three political parties, i.e the ruling Democrat Party, PKB and PAN, voted in favor of the Bailout.
PPP's decision was surprising considering people presumed that it will be in favour of the Bailout.

Considering that Golkar, PKS and PPP are members of President SBY's Coalition government, led by his Democrat Party supported by PAN and PKB, the result of voting has changed the balance of power at the House, and therefore shaken the government's power in the coming years.


yahoo said...

加油!期待更新哦! ........................................

H. Nizam said...

Thank you for your visit and comment.

colson said...

Well, parliament decided the bailout policy was 'illegitimate'. Fascinating, intriguing, worrying.

People like Bakrie and Prabowo parading as the champions of justice and law.

How credible is that??!!

H. Nizam said...

Actually Bank Bailout is not very weird especially in time of crisis like what happened to Bank Century.

Problems arise after the Prez's men handled the case not properly, with lots of social engineering to divert attentions, plus arrogantly, make people suspect that there has been Foul Play.

colson said...

@ Harry: Still: How credible are guys like Bakrie (Lapido) and Prabowo (1998)?

I don't think SBY is Snowwhite. But let ask ourselves: didn't play Golkar and Gerindra foul - a negative and disruptive action damaging to the country's image abroad, the president and especially to his VP and minister of Finance, only to divert attention from real major corruption to fake or minor corruption ( relatively)?

H. Nizam said...

As I write this, President SBY just finished delivering his speech about last night parliamentary session about the Bank Century case.
He appreciated the parliament's decision, but he asked understanding that the bail out was the best way to safe the country from global crisis in late 2008. He said he understood why the decision was taken although he didn't instruct it because that time he was abroad. He also said that this is a matter of policy making therefore officials in charge cannot be prosecuted.
He mentioned that those who are proven to have committed crime in this case shall be prosecuted for example Robert Tantular owner of Bank Century has been tried and sentenced by the court.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

Sounds like an unexpected turn around. Obviously a lot of money, taxpayers mony, was involved.



H. Nizam said...

inspite of the parliament's decision, law enforcement agencies have to investigate, then prosecute the case. and in the end it would be the court who'll make final decision.

Info Seputar Kita said...

Government of Indonesia is adopting a presidential system, not a parliamentary system. Century Bank case has changed the map of political forces in parliament. This case received wide attention from the public and drains so much energy. Everything must be returned to the legal realm. Let the law enforcement officers who handle, there should be no political interference.

Life Is Real said...

bailot is a policy problem..but, now its drived to political situation. like "pansus"..I am sure that there's a particular interesting to impeachment SBY Boed..

Ok. good post, I hope you visit my blog & we could be friend.

H. Nizam said...

@Info Seputar Kita,
I agree with you that the case should be brought to the legal realm and let law enforcement agencies take over to investigate, then prosecuted and afterward trial in the court of law.

@Life is Real,
The case should be settled legally not politically because Indonesia is a law state. said...

I actually do not like politics, but I hope the government solve this case once and for all