Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Jakarta

The birth of a city has often been connected with a myth, for example the city of Rome was said to have been created by Romulus and Remus, humans who were said to have been raised by fox.

Apparently, the birth of the city of Jakarta has also been connected with a myth.
According to the official website of Jakarta, the city of Jakarta originated from a town called Sunda Kelapa ruled by Fatahillah. On 22 June 1527, the name of the town was changed into Jayakarta, a Sanskrit word for “ Perfect Victory ” to commemorate the day Fatahillah beat the Portuguese navy’s efforts to take over the town.

In 1619, the Dutch East Indies Company took over the town and changed its name to Batavia.

In 1942, the Japanese armed forces took over the Dutch East Indies then changed the name of Batavia into Jakarta on 10 December 1942.

After Indonesia declared independence on 17 August 1945, President Soekarno appointed Suwiryo as the first Mayor of Jakarta Raya (Greater Jakarta).

Today, 482 years later, Jakarta has turned into a metropolitan city with an area of around 600 M2 and population of 8 million (12 million in the day time). And like any other big cities, Jakarta has been facing lots of problems like transportation, traffic jam, flood, groundwater pumping, trash and other problems that need serious attention from the government as well as its citizens.

I hope that with increase in age, the government of Jakarta will work much harder & smarter to cope with all its problems. If such efforts are taken, almost certain that its citizens will give supports.

Photo: courtesy of Indowebster

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