Thursday, June 25, 2009

David Hartanto's case

Three months have passed since the Singapore Police announced that David Hartanto Widjaja, Indonesian student at the Nanyang Technical University (NTU) committed a suicide after stabbing his professor Chan Kap Luk, however the case is still unclear.

The Jakarta Post reported that David’s family has challenged the above Police findings by submitting a request with the Singapore Coroner Court last April to examine the real cause of death. Only if the said court finds that it was not a suicide, then the case will be forwarded to the Criminal Court.
However, David’s family felt that they have not been treated fairly throughout the court proceedings. And on Wednesday 24 June the case entered the third session of trial at the court. David’s father, Hartono Wijaya, said the NTU had presented 22 witnesses, plus four more shall be presented soon, while David's family has only been given opportunities to present four witnesses, out of nine names they have submitted. The family is facing difficulty in finding witnesses other than David's relatives & friends. People at NTU were reluctanct to give information.
Beside that,the family's request that David’s laptop and digital hard disk be returned to the family was also denied.

According to O.C Kaligis, an Indonesian lawyer who advocated the family pro bono, the Coroner Court proceedings have only focused on how David tried to murder the professor, but they never analyze the cause of David’s death. Pictures that show his deep wounds were never exhibited.

Considering these unfortunate facts, the family plan to bring two forensic experts from Indonesia who had analyzed David’s body based on the Singaporean doctors’ forensic report and pictures of his body.



patahati said...

we hopes david H case will clear as soon

Harry Nizam H. said...

Thank you for your comment.
Yes, let u hope that the cause of David's death would be known soon.