Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Naughty ex-Prosecutor

Lately, the news media has reported about alleged bad conducts of some Prosecutors in Indonesia, such as unprofessional handling of the Prita case, and selling Illegal Drugs that are evidence in court trial.

Apparently, such kind of things also happened in the United States, the difference is that it was done by a retired Assistant Prosecutor in Hennepin County, Minneapolis.
According to Legal Blog Watch, former Prosecutor John St. Marie (65) was busted by the Police for supplying prostitutes to a group of around 30 older men known as "The Minnesota Nice Guys." Many of the men know St. Marie, through a Web site for "hobbyists" looking for high class lady escorts. He would book the woman's flights and hotel rooms and schedule their appointments. Police allege that St. Marie has been arranging prostitutes since shortly after retiring from the prosecutor office in 2003. St. Marie send weekly e-mails to those men advertising women who would be flying into Minneapolis and staying at some of its finest hotels. One of the women is a 34-year-old former teacher from Colombia, used to take an average of four appointments a day, charging her clients $500 an hour. St. Marie, who uses a wheelchair because of childhood polio, is not alleged to have taken money for arranging the liaisons, but is alleged to have accepted "in-kind services" from some of the women. He is expected to face federal charges for transporting the women across state lines. The Police have not arrested him but they have searched his home in May and seized his computer. He told Police that he had been seeing prostitutes for 35 years. The Police have arrested the Nice Guys, some of them cried when arrested.

The above cases show that due to the important role played by the Prosecutors in enforcing the laws, it is very important to supervise their works and provide a better retirement plan for them. That way, wrong doings can be minimized.


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