Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Je t'aime ............ Moi non plus

Je t'aime ........... Moi non plus
That was the title of a French song written by French Singer, Actor, Director Serge Gainsbourg, which he recorded with his lover British actress Jane Birkin in 1969.

In the song, Birkin said Je T’aime … (I love you), Gainsbourg replied Moi non plus (Me neither), implying that Gainsbourg thought that Birkin was not telling truth.

According to Wikipedia, the lyrics were written as an imaginary dialogue between two lovers during a sexual intercourse. The explicit eroticism of the song was regarded offensive at the time of its release. The lyrics were commonly thought to refer to the taboo theme of engaging in Sex without Love, and were delivered in a breathy, suggestive style. The song culminates in simulated orgasm sounds by Birkin. The song was a commercial success throughout Europe in the ‘70s & the ‘80s. Arguably, the publicity the controversy created was partly responsible for its success.

Lately I have been humming the old song again i.e after the news media reported about the broken marriage of Manohara (17) and her husband Fakhry (31) the Price of Kelantan, Malaysia.
The humming gets louder after the media reported about Dangdut singer Cici Paramida who was hit by a car driven by her husband Zuheibi around one week ago.
The reason why I hummed that old song was because I thought that its lyrics depicted the marriage conditions of Manohara & Cici Paramida, who were much younger than their rich husbands who mistreated them brutally.

Manohara was permitted by her mother to marry Fakry when she was 16 on August 2008, left him on December because she can’t stand Fakhry’s sexual behavior. Last February, Mano with mother and sister agreed to join Fakhry on minor Haj pilgrimage to Mecca, enabling Fakhry to take her back to Kelantan. After escaping from Fakhry last May, Mano preferred to appear on high profile events rather than taking action against Fakhry. One week later Mano goes to the Jakarta Police, but was advised to report to the Police in Malaysia where the crime took place.
Cici Paramida, according to news reports, has been warned by her relative State Minister of Youth and Sports Adyaksa about the risks of marrying Suheibi who has married many times. As a result, one month after their wedding in Mecca, Saudi Arabia last March, Cici left Suheibi, after finding out that he has allegedly married another woman.

Considering the above, I felt people should marry others based on love, not because of their lusts, and/or because their parents want them to, and/or not because their spouses are rich.

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